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DOING cassava starch processing equipment sales to Liberia


In 2019,Doing Machinery successfully delivered 20TPD cassava starch processing equipment to Liberia.DOING engineers designed and manufactured cassava starch processing equipment according to customers requirements and sent it to Liberia.
How to improve cassava starch equipment working efficiency ?


For equipment purchaser,how to improve cassava starch equipment working efficiency is their main concern.Improve the performance of cassava starch equipment and strengthen the maintenance of equipment are important ways.
Common faults and solutions for starch flash dryer


Introduction of common faults and solutions for starch flash dryer. The common faults of starch flash dryer includes Low output,water content of the discharge is high and Air leakage occurs in the rotary joint.
After purchasing cassava processing machines, what services will we provide to our customers?


After purchasing cassava processing machines,we provide Equipment production,Equipment delivery,Equipment installation,Equipment commissioning,Operator training service,One-year warranty after-sales service.
Pakistan customers visit DOING cassava starch machinery


Pakistan customers visit DOING factory for cassava starch machinery.The Pakistan customers want to invest cassava starch processing plant project in Nigeria, therefore come to DOING factory to see cassava starch machinery and our equipment processing stre
Global cassava starch market-cassava starch import and export in international market


Introduction of global cassava starch market, cassava import and export in international market.Regard as "king of starch",cassava starch plays an important role in cassava import and export trade.This article will focus on global cassava starch market.