How to improve cassava starch equipment working efficiency ?

With the development of the cassava processing industry, traditional manual processing is increasingly unable to meet the high demands of people on cassava products, so mechanical cassava starch equipment came into being. These mechanical equipment replace human production, which not only improves production efficiency, but also guarantees product quality and improves the economic benefits of enterprises. For cassava starch equipment, even if the equipment itself has high quality and high performance, how to maximize the performance of the equipment and improve its production efficiency is still the main problem for the equipment purchaser. To improve the performance of mechanical cassava starch equipment, we must pay attention to improve the skills of operators and strengthen the maintenance of equipment.

cassava starch equipmentCassava starch equipment

1 Improve the equipment operator skill

With the continuous development of science and technology and the wide application of new technologies, new materials and new processes, the types of cassava starch equipment are more complete, the structure is more complicated, and the requirements for mechanical equipment operators are correspondingly improved. Therefore, to strengthen the skills training of operators, they must not only understand the structural composition, principle, performance of cassava starch equipment, master the operation skills of the equipment, but also master the rapid diagnosis and repair capabilities of mechanical equipment. The good technical level of the operator can greatly improve the utilization rate and integrity of the mechanical equipment, avoid the damage of mechanical equipment caused by human factors, shorten the maintenance time and maintenance cycle of the mechanical equipment, and create good economic benefits for the enterprise.

cassava starch equipmentTechnical training for operators

2 Strengthen the maintenance of equipment

The maintenance quality of cassava starch equipment is the premise and basis for the use of equipment. During long-term use of equipment, mechanical parts wear and clearance increase, the static balance and dynamic balance of equipment are destroyed, and the work stability, reliability, and productivity are all significantly reduced, and even cause permanent damage to certain assemblies and components. Therefore, it is necessary to establish an effective cassava starch equipment management mechanism, strictly implement various rules and regulations, and scientifically, efficiently and reasonably develop maintenance plans. It is best to have a person responsible for the inspection, do the maintenance work of cassava starch equipment on time, regularly carry out maintenance and inspection, and carefully maintain the maintenance records of mechanical equipment. The specific content includes the following four aspects:

cassava starch equipmentEquipment check

(1) Strengthen the maintenance work of equipment to prevent improper maintenance. Improper maintenance is one of the main causes of cassava starch equipment failure, so maintenance must be enforced. Equipment managers should follow the mechanical maintenance instructions to develop an effective maintenance plan, and technically communicate with the operators, and check the implementation of equipment maintenance at any time.

(2) Strengthen the daily inspection work of cassava starch equipment. The inspection results should be recorded in detail. It should include not only the previous maintenance records and replacement records, but also the records of daily use and workload, so as to analyze and judge the mechanical failures in a timely manner. Accurately eliminate the hidden troubles.

cassava starch equipmentEquipment maintance

(3) The maintenance manager should keep abreast of the situation, understand the overall situation, make a reasonable and detailed mechanical maintenance plan, and give instructions and supervision on maintenance operations and procurement activities to avoid unnecessary maintenance and waste of expenses.

(4) Intensify the management of maintenance services, establish and improve the rules and regulations for cassava starch equipment maintenance, and emphasize the role of maintenance management; improve the data statistics system, document the size of faults; and ensure the quality and quantity of mechanical parts.

The above are the factors that Doing Company summarized to improve the performance of cassava starch equipment. In short, only by mastering various factors affecting the performance of equipment, in the actual construction process, according to various factors affecting the performance of the equipment, more adequate preparation work can be done to improve the utilization rate of cassava starch equipment, reduce production costs and achieve greater economic benefits. More information needed, welcome consult DOING engineers.

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