After purchasing cassava processing machines, what services will we provide to our customers?

For the person who purchases the equipment, in addition to the equipment price and equipment quality, the manufacturer service is also a main concern of the customer. Especially for customers who purchase large equipment, whether the manufacturer can provide satisfactory pre-sales and after-sales service is the focus of their attention. So what services do DOING provide customers after signing a contract with us to purchase cassava processing machines?

cassava processing machinesEquipment production

1. Equipment production: After the customer purchases DOING cassava processing machines, we will complete the equipment manufacturing within the specified time according to the customer's requirements. If the customer's equipment is customized, our engineers will provide equipment drawings according to the customer's requirements, so that the factory can process according to the requirements, and our engineers will also supervise the factory production to ensure that the cassava processing machines produced meets the customer's requirements.

cassava processing machinesCassava processing machines delivery

2. Equipment delivery: After the general cassava processing machines is manufactured, Doing Group will deliver the goods to the customers on time according to the contract. Of course, if there are special circumstances, we will also ship according to customer requirements.

3. Equipment installation: After the cassava processing machines are shipped to the customer's factory, if the customer's factory has been built and the equipment can be installed, we will send a professional engineer to the customer's factory for equipment installation services. DOING engineers are responsible for guiding or preparing the construction design, installation plan and time schedule. They are also responsible for guiding or responsible for organizing cassava processing machines installation and construction, and solving various technical problems during the installation process. Of course, we can also provide factory design services based on the customer's land, so that the cassava processing machines can be placed in an optimal place, saving the workshop and saving costs for the customer.

cassava processing machinesCassava processing machines maintance

4. Equipment commissioning: Commissioning is to ensure that the purchased cassava processing machines can start and run smoothly and reliably according to technical requirements. DOING will sent professional technicians to the site to guide or directly debug the equipment. After the completion of equipment installation, it is necessary to carry out equipment commissioning and trial run before the equipment production. Through debugging, enginners can discover the problems existing in cassava processing machines in time, and deal with various abnormal phenomena occurring during the debugging process. For example, the dewatering effect of the dewatering machine and the drying effect of the dryer can be debugged by the engineer to ensure that the quality meets the specified technical standards. After the cassava processing machines are commissioned, DOING engineers will also guide or be responsible for the start-up operation of the equipment to ensure that the equipment is successfully operated and put into normal use.

5. Operator training service: After the cassava processing machines are installed and commissioned, the equipment will be produced. However, some customers do not have professional engineers or technicians, and the operators do not have a corresponding understanding of the equipment. Don't worry, Doing Company will send engineering and technical personnel to be responsible for the operator training service, training the structure and working principle of equipment for the corresponding operator, how to operate the equipment, and simple equipment maintenance methods.

cassava processing machinesOperator training

6. One-year warranty after-sales service: DOING provides one-year equipment warranty service for all customers to purchase our equipment. Within one year, if it is not intentionally destroyed or other special circumstances, the cassava processing machines appears in operation with problem, we will provide customers with on-site maintenance services. Of course, even after one year, there is a problem with the equipment, DOING will also provide solutions for customers.

The above is the service that Doing Machinery will provide to customers who purchase cassava processing machines. If you are interested in cassava deep processing machine, we also provide you with 24-hour pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale or other technical advice.

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