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After purchasing cassava processing machines, what services will we provide to our customers?

Apr 08, 2019

After purchasing cassava processing machines,we provide Equipment production,Equipment delivery,Equipment installation,Equipment commissioning,Operator training service,One-year warranty after-sales service.
Pakistan customers visit DOING cassava starch machinery

Apr 03, 2019

Pakistan customers visit DOING factory for cassava starch machinery.The Pakistan customers want to invest cassava starch processing plant project in Nigeria, therefore come to DOING factory to see cassava starch machinery and our equipment processing stre
Two different types of starch dewatering machine for starch processing

Mar 27, 2019

Introduction of two different types of starch dewatering machine for cassava starch deweatering and potato starch dewatering.
DOING celebrates 2019 International Women's Day

Mar 15, 2019

On March 8, 2019, Henan Doing Company held a party to celebrete International Working Women's Day for all women in DOING. The activities mainly include show performances, small games, cake celebrations and so on.
Automation control system for potato starch production process

Mar 14, 2019

Introduction of automation control system for potato starch production process.
What aspects of cassava processing machine determine the benefits of cassava processing plant?

Mar 13, 2019

With the development of cassava deep processing, cassava processing machine has also developed rapidly. For those who want to start the cassava processing plant, choosing the right cassava processing machine can greatly improve the processi