Maintenance of cassava starch machine

Regular maintenance of cassava starch machine is an important prerequisite for ensuring efficient operation of the equipment. That's because during the using process, the mechanical parts of cassava starch machine wear and the gap increases, which affects the original balance of the equipment. In the absence of professional and correct maintenance, the stability, reliability and use efficiency of cassava starch machine will be reduced to varying degrees, resulting in the mechanical equipment losing its inherent basic performance and failing to operate normally. Equipment overhaul or replacement of new equipment is undoubtedly an increase in the operating costs of starch processing plant.

cassava starch machineEquipment check

Therefore, it is necessary to establish a scientific and effective equipment management mechanism, increase the daily management of equipment, and formulate equipment maintenance plans. Regularly clean and maintain all equipment to effectively extend the life of the line.

Here are four main tips about how to maintain cassava starch machine

1. During the use process, check and inspection the equipment regularly so as to timely find out the failures of equipment. Once the faults are founded, deal with them timely to reduce downtime and increase equipment utilization.

cassava starch machineEquipment maintenance

2. Pay attention to safe operation during processing. The operator should regularly check whether there are hidden dangers in the power supply wires and other parts. Eliminate accidents caused by damage other than machine failure that threaten personal safety.

3. Regular cleaning and maintenance can keep the appearance of cassava starch machine clean, reduce the wear of mechanical parts, and extend the interval between mechanical repair and equipment service life.

4. The cassava starch machine is mainly composed of a dry cleaning machine, a paddle washer, a grater, a centrifugal sieve, a desander, a refining hyfrocyclone, a slurry dehydrator and a air flow dryer.

It is necessary to draw attention to the fact that the grater, centrifugal sieve and the refining hyfrocyclone must be strictly protected against iron and other hard objects entering the machine to avoid damage to the machine.

cassava starch machineCassava starch machine check

Through regular maintain cassava starch machine, processing plant can effectively reduce the maintenance cost of mechanical equipment, such as mechanical fuel, lubricating oil, accessories, replacement equipment and other materials to reduce the consumption limit, reduce noise and pollution.

Cassava is one of the most important crops in Africa and other tropical regions. Processing cassava into starch or other products not only promotes its conversion and comprehensive utilization, but also improves the scientific and commercial value and market value of cassava products. As the key equipment for cassava processing, cassava starch machine plays vital role in cassava processing. It is very important to master the scientific use and maintenance technology of cassava starch machine for better use.

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