Four main factors influence the potato starch production line production index

Potato is one of the main raw materials for starch production. Its yield and quantity are second only to corn, ranking second in the world. For potato starch production line, it is necessary to deeply understand the factors affecting the index of potato starch and its use. According to this, the specific quality of potato starch is specifically improved to produce and process potato starch suitable for the market. The potato starch production line of Doing Company combines many years of practical experience, and the main influencing factors of potato starch indicators are as follows.

potato starch production linePotato starch production line

Analysis of the four main factors affecting the production index of potato starch production line

First, the influencing factors of moisture

It is found that the coexistence of starch and water coexisted in potato starch production line influence each other, especially the impact on performance indicators, such as water activity, equilibrium moisture content, wet specific volume and so on. If moisture control in potato starch production line is controled right, in a sense, it can generate income, increase efficiency, save energy, reduce consumption, and meet customer requirements. Secondly, the dewatering capacity of the dewatering device is greater than the flow rate of the slurry. The concentration of the slurry should be adjusted appropriately, for the right concentration is crucial for the moisture effect of the final product.

potato starhMoisture content of potato starch

Second, the factor of whiteness

The potato starch production line emphasizes that starch whiteness is an important and direct indicator, and starch quality can be reflected. The practice of potato starch production line for many years proves that the whiteness is preliminarily graded in the production process, which is especially important for whiteness control. From the process point of view, there are many factors affecting whiteness. Potato starch production equipment is important factors influencing starch whiteness, DOING hydrocyclone technology can effectively remove impurities and ensure starch whiteness meet standards. In addition to the potato starch production equipment and raw material factors, human factors are also a part that cannot be ignored, such as replacing the grating machine, recirculating, feeding level during production, centrifugal sieve pressure, washing water amount and starch contain too much impurities, which seriously affect the whiteness index. Appropriate reduction of human factors, proper control of the process, and production of high whiteness starch are feasible.

potato starch productionPotato starch whiteness

Third, the factor of ash

The professional potato starch production line believes that ash is an important indicator of purity and directly affects the quality of the product. The ash is mainly derived from the soil, sand and dust in the starch. Besides, calcium, magnesium and the like can be turned into ash. The main influencing factors are the cleanliness of the raw materials, the amount of washed water, the sand removal performance, and so on. Therefore, the potato starch production line emphasizes that when selecting raw materials, try to choose potatoes with shallow buds, which bring less sediment, and the amount of water for potato washing should be as much as 2-4 times of the amount of potatoes. Washing time should be guaranteed as much as possible. Indicators can also be controlled lower by professional desanding machine. DOING desander sand removal rate is above 99%.

potato starch production lineDesander

Fourth, viscosity factor

The potato starch production line introduces viscosity as a hard performance indicator in all indicators of starch, which is produced after gelatinization. The more water molecules are bound, the more the proportion of branches in the particles, the greater the viscosity, and the less man-made controllable factors. In addition to the influence of raw materials, the main factors of external influence are: the content of sulfur dioxide in starch, the content of metal ions in water, and the temperature during drying. Under the fierce market competition conditions, farmers are encouraged to plant more potatoes suitable for starch processing, and even considering the cultivation of some varieties with high starch content is imperative.

The above are the four main factors affecting the potato starch product index in potato starch production line. In addition to the above points, there are also indicators of conductivity, speckle and sulfur dioxide content that should be checked. At present, people attach great importance to renewable resources. As one of the renewable energy sources, starch is widely used in many fields and daily life, so the potato starch production line has a promising industry prospect. DOING potato starch production line combines years of practical experience and existing theoretical knowledge to analyze the factors affecting potato starch index. It is hoped that the control of various indicators in potato starch production process will be used for reference. Any more concerns, welcome to contact DOING engineer.

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