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The customer from Ghana visits Henan DING company again and signs a contract

Aug 12, 2019

At 10 o 'clock in the morning, the Ghanaian customer arrived at DOING office on time. He showed great interest in cassava starch processing machine on his two visits. In his last visit, he just had a simple understanding about cassava starch processing ma
DOING company hold an exchange conference to provide better service for customers

Aug 03, 2019

On July 20, 2019, an exchange conference is held in DOING company to discuss how to make customers more satisfied to our products and offer better service. It is attended by invited technical personnels, business personnels and factory workers.
DOING cassava starch processing machine sales to Nigeria

May 31, 2019

Doing Company finished the manufacture of the complete set of cassava starch processing machine purchased by Nigerian customer.And the cassava starch processing machine was shipped from Qingdao port to Lagos port and finally reaches the customer's plant
What are advantages of cassava starch dryer ?

May 23, 2019

Cassava starch dryer is not only high in efficient,but also has good drying effect.The starch dried by cassava starch dryer is uniform and stable in moisture which makes it suitable for long-term storage and transportation.
 How to select tapioca starch processing machine ?

May 21, 2019

When purchasing tapioca starch processing machine,there are a lot of issues need to be taken into consideration.So what should we consideing when purchasing tapioca starch processing machine except equipment price,performance.
Tajikistan customers visit DOING tapioca starch processing equipment

May 15, 2019

Customers from Tajikistan visited DOING to visit tapioca starch processing equipment.He wants to buy our tapioca starch processing equipment and build a small medium tapioca starch production plant in Nigeria.