A mobilization meeting with the theme of "Decisive Battle in September"

The third quarter of 2020 is coming to an end. Under the influence of the COVID-19 this year, various industries have been affected. Today, the situation of China's COVID-19 has gradually improved. Zhengzhou has almost got out of the haze of the COVID-19, and various industries have gradually begun to recover. The safe environment has encouraged every staffs of DOING to work harder. Therefore, our company held a business mobilization meeting this month, with the theme of "Don't forget our original intention, break through ourselves", aiming to draw a successful conclusion to the past few months and face the next challenges with a passionate attitude and to demonstrate the courage of facing difficulties without fear and the spirit of always keeping hope of our staffs.

DOING companyStaffs are divided into different groups according to the equipment they are responsible for

In this mobilization meeting, staffs first experienced a slight physical test by playing games. In any activity, the degree of physical persistence greatly reflects a person's determination and perseverance. In the process of playing the game, the staffs have been grouped and reorganized several times, and we have performed well in both persistence and cooperation.

After the physical test in the morning, the afternoon is the time for learning and understanding of the mobilization meeting. Our company invited an excellent salesperson working at Alibaba to share her growth experience at work, persistence in the face of difficulties and her work tips. Just as the saying goes, "Listen to the Lord's words is better than read ten years." After listening to her sharing, we have a lot of insights.

In the end, each of us set a goal to motivate ourselves based on our job details and achievements in the past few months. Not only is there the activity of formulating our own business goals, but also various activities such as team goals, personal PK and team PK to urge us to complete our goals.

play games and Set business goals Staffs play games and set business goals

After this mobilization meeting, every employee of DOING company faces work with a more positive attitude, and treats customers, helps customers and serves customers sincerely as always. DOING company not only has hardworking employees, professional design team, but also advanced technology and high-quality mechanical equipment. DOING Company is an industrial cassava processing machinery supplier worthy of priority consideration.


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