How will it cost me to plant cassava processing machines?

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This is Henan Jinrui company, we are the professional manufacturer of cassava processing machines. How will it cost me to plant cassava processing machines? We will introduce them here.

garri and cassava flour and cassava starchGarri, cassava flour, and cassava starch

First, cassava processing includes many products: Garri, cassava flour, and cassava starch. They will use different cassava processing machines. Usually, the cost connects with two factors: one is the capacity you will do; the second is the configuration of machines. Here we will show different capacities with standard configuration machines cost.

For garri processing machine, our cheapest machine is $3000, it’s for a cassava grating machine; the small garri processing line is cost about $20,000-$50,000, including cassava peeling machine, grating machine, dewatering machine, garri fryer, sieving machines. For a bigger complete and automatic garri processing line, it cost about $100,000-$300,000. You can choose machines according to your requirement.

cassava processing machinesThree kinds of cassava processing machines

For the cassava flour processing line, we have a semi-automatic processing line and an automatic processing line. A semi-automatic processing line is it costs about $50,000. And about automatic processing, according to different capacities, the cost is from $120,000-$1,600,000. We will give you a professional processing plan according to your needs.

For cassava starch processing line is an automatic processing line, we can do from 2-40tons cassava input per hour for one processing line. And the production efficiency and extraction rate of the cassava starch processing line are very high. The cost for a complete processing line is from $240,000-$1,760,000.

To sum up, the cost is connected with your capacity and machine configuration. If you want to start a cassava processing business, welcome to consult Henan Jinrui company, we will guide you with professional suggestions.

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