Are the extraction rate and quality of cassava starch related to the storage time of cassava?

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The answer is yes. The extraction rate and quality of cassava starch are related to the storage time of cassava. Fresh and high quality cassava will get more cassava starch.

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Cassava has a high starch content and is known as the king of starch, which is very suitable for many food processing, paper industry, textile industry, and other industries. Before starting the cassava starch business, sufficient cassava raw materials need to be prepared. Taking into account the transportation time, it is generally recommended to finish the cassava processing within 3 to 7 days. If cassava is kept for a long time, it can cause problems converting cassava starch to sugar. The yield of starch will be reduced and the profits of cassava starch processing will be affected. This requires orderly handling of cassava raw material supply place within a relatively short distance from the cassava starch processing plant.

In addition, the factors that affect the yield and quality of finished cassava starch are the processing technology of cassava starch, such as the free rate of cassava-bound starch, starch purification technology, and drying methods. It is recommended to use a cassava starch processing machine with mature processing technology and high performance so that the finished cassava starch can reach high standards and have excellent quality in whiteness, fineness, and taste.

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