Potato starch processing machine

Potato starch processing machines will have different types and models as the market changes. It cannot be stated that the potato starch processing machine itself is good or bad. The key evaluation factors are the extraction rate of starch and the quality level of finished products. Therefore, quality control and selection in the potato starch production process are crucial.

Types of potato starch processing machines are broadly divided into three states: simple household production lines, industry completely automatic production line and main stand-alone machines.

potato starchPotato & potato starch

In the austere line of potato starch processing machine, the first thing to mention is the automatic feeding potato washing machine, which is suitable for potato and other tubers. It is in charge of cleaning and feeding automatically. This machine is often used for potato starch production line, which can remove the sediment in the pits of the potato crops, and also it leads to peeling. The refining separators are brought together to produce during installation. The automatic feeding potato washing machine developed by Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Company is currently the best equipment of its kind. The amount of cleaning per hour ranges from 1 ton to 10 tons. Of course, there are different models for you to choose from. Secondly, it plays an important part in the potato starch processing machine. It is a modified refining separator. The machine is composed of fresh potato, dried potato, corn and beans. It can be made once, crushing, coarse filtration and fine filtration. The machine can accomplish three processes of one-time pulverization, coarse filtration and fine filtration. This greatly reduces the economic cost of potato starch processing machine, which is expected to be very suitable for low-cost and efficient targets.

potato starch processing machinePotato starch processing machine

In the industrial complete automatic production line of potato starch processing machine, all machines involved are serviced for the quality of the finished product, and this is also the most important point in the extraction process of potato starch —separating the unnecessary parts and extracting pure potato starch. First of all, according to the physical and safe way, by working with the centrifuge sieve, the machine will play the role of separating the fiber in raw material. Hydrocyclone unit that can recover the lost fine fibers, starch molecules in the protein and cell fluid, thereby increasing production, followed by the role of refined concentration. Through a series of measures of potato starch processing machine, then is the main part of drying affection. Through the vacuum dehydrator and flash dryer, the most efficient dehydration drying can be achieved, the loss of potato starch can be reduced, and get the best quality finished product.

potato starch processing plantPotato starch processing plant

In the processing way of main stand-alone machines. Only the simplest and most effective combination is needed in order to get the best results in the range that can be afforded. In the later period, the engineer can assist in the development of best solution without doubt according to the need of the customer.

No matter what your needs are, DOIN can always find out the most suitable solution, not to give up the potato starch processing market because of their previous funds or budget uncertainty. So far, development, transformation and hot sale of the global potato starch processing machine have shown that the market is expanding in recent years. It is not late to take steps now.

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