Cassava starch processing equipment

Cassava starch processing equipment are mainly used for processing cassava into starch which the raw materials of cellulose, protein, inorganic salt, sand and other materials are separated from starch by physical separation process. The mainly used equipment are as follows:

Name Quantity (set) Power (kw/set) Capacity (T/h) Material
Dry sieve 1 11 10-30 Carbon steel
Paddle washing machine 1 11 10-20 Carbon steel
Rasper 1 15 20-30 Carbon steel  and stainless steel
Centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve 3 11 500 Carbon steel  and stainless steel
Hydrocyclone unit 16 11 10 Carbon steel  and stainless steel
peeler centrifuge 1 40 500 Carbon steel  and stainless steel
Flash dryer 1 11 400 Stainless steel
Starch sieving machine 1 1.5 400 Stainless steel

cassava starch processing equipmentCassava starch processing equipment

Mainly used cassava starch processing equipment includes:

a).Cleaning and washing equipment: Dry sieve and paddle washing machine are separately responsible for cassava cleaning and washing. These cassava starch processing equipment are simple in structure, excellent in performance and easy in installation.

b).Cassava grating equipment: Grating machine serves to grate cassava into slurry to release the starch inside of cassava. Recognizing that crushing is the key to the extraction rate of cassava, people began to pay attention to the high efficient cassava starch processing equipment for grating. In the effort of constantly innovating the technology and widely absorbing the advanced technology both at home and abroad, Doing Company has developed an efficient grinding machine whose grinding rate can reach up to 95% which can fully release starch granules inside of cassava cells.

cassava starch processing equipmentCassava grating equipment

c).Starch slurry separation equipment: Centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve are both the cassava starch processing equipment for separation. The special treatment on the surface of equipment makes it dirt proof and oil resistance. Besides, both of them are equipped with automatic front and back washing system which can effectively prevent the screen mesh plugging.

d).Desanding equipment: Desanding is completed by desander cyclone. The starch slurry is pumped into this cassava starch processing equipment by a pressure pump. Desander features with small size, large capacity, saving space, fine sand removal effect and low maintenance cost.

e).Concentration and refining equipment: Starch slurry refining is accomplished by hydrocyclone station, which is used for separation of fine slag, protein separation, washing, concentration and refining of starch slurry. This cassava starch processing equipment has advantages of compact structure, high separation precision and good sealing effect.

cassava starch processing equipmentStarch drying equipment

f).Dehydration and drying equipment: Peeler centrifuge is widely adopts for cassava starch milk dehydrating. Moisture content after dehydrating is supposed below 40%. Doing Company offer high efficient Siphon type peeler centrifuge which can effectively reduce water content of starch to 36.5%. Flash dryer is used for wet starch drying. And this cassava starch processing equipment is characterized by high heat transfer coefficient, large heat transfer area and short drying time.

Doing Company is committed to complete set of cassava starch processing equipment research and development and manufacturing. Besides, Doing Company is able to help with the plant engineering design according to the requirements of customers, and arrange the whole processing machine in the most reasonable space to achieve a more reasonable use.

cassava starch processing equipmentCassava starch processing equipment

Factors affecting the promotion and application of cassava starch processing equipment:

Although the target market for cassava starch processing equipment is very clear at present, its promotion and application have great resistance. The main factors are as follows:

(1) High investment costs. Investment costs mainly include the source of raw materials, equipment investment and other necessary processing costs, such as steam, water, electricity, land and labor used. The investment in the tapioca starch project is generally large, which is the main reason why many investors are "obstaving".

(2) Investors lack awareness of cassava starch processing equipment. The main reason is the lack of technical knowledge, which leads to the long time of project evaluation before investment.

(3) The sales channel of tapioca starch products is not smooth, and it is also a key factor. Many investors have concerns about the sale of starch products when they choose projects.

(4) A considerable number of manufacturers pay insufficient attention to the improvement of cassava starch processing equipment technology. The gap between local equipment and the world's advanced level equipment performance and processing technology is relatively large, which has caused most investors to use the world's advanced equipment to reduce the risk of investment. This has made it even more difficult for the market development of intermediate level equipment.

(5) The manufacturer of cassava starch processing equipment has not researched enough on the target market, which makes it difficult to enter the target market.

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