Potato starch production line

The main feature of the potato starch production line is that the entire production line adopts a closed mode with low consumption, high efficiency and good product quality. In the process of starch recovery and purification, a full hydrocyclone station is used, thus avoiding the large use of moving parts.

Introuction of potato starch production line:

This production line processes 500 tons of fresh potatoes per day (produce 100 tons of starch per day)

The starch extraction rate was >94%.

Potato raw material requirements:

Starch containing > 15%, fresh, no mold, no soil, stones.

potato starch production linePotato starch production line

The entire process can be divided into the following units:

* Potato cleaning / de-stone unit

Freshly harvested potatoes from the ground should first be sieved through a dry sieve to remove as much impurities as possible, and then stored in a daily storage place. Then the potatoes are sent to the destone machine by water, where debris such as sand, dirt, soil and others are separated, while the potatoes are fed into drum washer. The drum washer should be cleaned at a low level in potato starch production line. Then the potatoes which are thoroughly cleaned and washed are conveyed to the storage hopper via a tilting belt.

* Crushing unit

The potatoes from storage hopper are fed to the rasper for crushing by a screw conveyor in potato starch production line. The screw conveyor is adjustable so that it can adjust the amount of potato fed. For some producer, in order to ensure the continuity of the production line, when the first crushing machine replaces the saw blade, the second crushing machine is opened. The saw blade working condition can be obtained from the ammeter.

* Starch extraction / fiber separation unit

The crushed starch slurry contains a lot of soluble and insoluble substances like protein, salt and sugar and fibers, which are pumped into the first-stage starch extraction centrifugal sieve. The wet fiber from the first-stage sieve is pumped to the second, third and fourth-stage extraction sieves in potato starch production line for fiber separation.

potato starch processing machinePotato crushing machine

* Sand removal unit

Then in potato starch production line, the starch slurry is sent to a stirred starch tank, and then the starch is removed by a two-stage sand remover, and the collected sand is discharged by a butterfly valve.

* Concentrated refining unit

The starch slurry from the desanding cyclone is pumped into the hydrocyclone station. A two-stage concentration cyclone unit is usually used in potato starch production line, where the starch slurry is concentrated and the concentrated overflow is either collected and processed or discharged directly. At this time, the starch slurry is washed and refined by countercurrent flow with a 12-14 hydrocyclone station. The refining unit works fully automatically, and is equipped with necessary instruments and meters. The refined and purified starch milk is collected into a stirred starch tank.

* Dehydration unit

After being refined, the starch slurry is dehydrated in potato starch production line by a peeler centrifuge, and the moisture content of the dehydrated wet starch is 38-40%. * Starch drying unit

Potato starch production line requires to dry wet starch to the moisture content of 14%. The drying system is a suspension air stream drying characterized by a uniform mixing of the dried product with hot air, the drying stream is highly efficient and the drying effect is good. The dried product is collected by a high efficiency single cyclone and discharged by a low speed screw conveyor. The finished product is conveyed by air flow or screw conveyor for cooling. The cooled dry starch will be collected by a two-stage cyclone and sent to the sifter using a screw conveyor, sieved and packaged.

potato starch processing machinePotato starch drying machine

Fourth, the main indicators in potato starch production line:

a. Water supply requirements (No floating matter):

Turbidity <0.1
Hardness <100
SO2 <0.55ppm
Iron <0.9 ppm
pressure >0.2MPa

b. Standard for finished starch (fully in line with national first-class standards):

Moisture 18-20%
Fineness 99.6 (100 mesh pass)
Protein 0.1%
Whiteness 90% (475mn, reflectivity)
Chemical SO2 30 ppm
Spot 3 pieces

c. Energy consumption and water consumption (per ton of fresh potato):

Water consumption 2 to 3T
Power consumption 220 kWh
Coal consumption 2T
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