Tapioca flour making machine

1.Cassava overview

Cassava is mainly used as food, feed and starch extraction, which can be divided into two types: sweet and bitter varieties. As all parts of the cassava plant contain hyocyanic acid, the use of cassava roots and leaves for food and feed should be attention to detoxification, immersion, section drying, peeling cooking, grinding starch, and so on. The sweet variety can be used safely after peeling and cooking or slice drying. After detoxification of bitter variety, they can also be eaten and fed, but mainly used for processing starch with the help of tapioca flour making machine.

tapioca flourHow to make tapioca flour

2. Introduction of mainly used tapioca flour making machine

1)Belt conveyor

Function:Transport raw cassava to cleaning machine for processing

features:Frequency control, this tapioca flour making machine can realize automatic control of remote flow

Material: carbon steel

Technical parameters:

Model SDGB-120
Rotating speed (r/min) 10-20
Power (kw) 7.5
Outer size (mm) 13000×1300×6000

2): Dry sieve

Function: To remove mud, sand, and stone and other foreigh matters from the outer skin of the cassava.

Features: Low power consumption, stable running, reasonable rotating speed, easy maintainance and good cleaning effect.

tapioca flour making machineRaw cassava cleaning and washing machine

3). Paddle washing machine

Function: This tapioca flour making machine is used t wash away the dirt, sand, and sundries of the cassava raw material

Features: Low water consumption, large capacity, easy to maintain, stable performance and stable operation.

Materials: carbon steel, stainless steel

4) Rasper for cassava crushing:

Function: The most important tapioca flour making machine whose function is to crush cassava to release starch as much as possible.

Features: High crushing rate( more than 94%), high speed, high starch extraction rate, advanced Germany Optibelt and Sweden bearing. The thickness of crushing machine mesh material is 2 mm, which is sturdy and durable.

5) Centrifuge sieve

Purpose: By taking use of high speed centrifugal force, this tapioca flour making machine mainly separates starch slurry and residue so as to remove the fibers in starch slurry.

Features: Good separation efficiency, good screen penetration. low energy consumption and low cost.

Materials: carbon steel, stainless steel

tapioca flour making machineCentrifuge sieve

6) Fine fiber sieve

Function: To further remove fine fibers out of starch slurry by low speed centrifuge force.

Features: Automatic washing system of this tapioca flour making machine prevent screen from blocking, energy saving and high efficient.

7) Desander

Function: This tapioca flour making machine is mainly for removing sand to enhance the taste and improve quality.

Features: Small power, easy installation and friendly maintenance.

tapioca flour making machineDesander

8) Hydrocyclone station

Purpose: Purification, concentration and washing of starch by this to achieve the purpose of remove soluble protein, insoluble protein and cell sap.

Features: This tapioca flour making machine integrates various functions such as concentration, recycling, washing and protein separation, with simple process and high product quality.

Materials: carbon steel, stainless steel

Main technical parameters of hydrocyclone unit:

Rated output 4-6.5 t/h starch
Rated power 7.5-22 kw/stage
Single dimension 800mm x 1900mm x 2100mm
Total weight 0.3 ton/grade

tapioca flour making machineHydrocyclone station

9)Peeler centrifuge

Function: The main purpose of this tapioca flour making machine is to dehydrate starch to the required moisture content. (Below 40%)

Features: Speed adjustable, low energy consumption, small area and good dewatering effect.

10) Flash dryer

Function: To dry cassava starch to the desired quality, the required moisture content after drying is about 14%.

Features: Special cooling system of this tapioca flour making machine ensures moisture uniformity of starch, Negative pressure system not only controls starch loss but also purifies working environment, high heat exchange rate and short drying time.

10) Starch sieving machine

Function: To sieve dried starch so as to further improve the fineness of finished starch.

Features: Low noise, high performance, easy to install, use, maintain and move.

tapioca flour making machineTapioca flour drying machine

11) Semi-automatic packing machine

Function: This tapioca flour making machine mainly serves to pack finished starch for storage or marketing.

Features: save labors, high efficient, small footprint.

12) Automatic control system

Function: To control and minitor the whole cassava starch production line operation.

Features: Automatic control to minimize errors and ensure the automatic and smooth operation of the whole production line and tapioca flour making machine.

The above is the detail description of the complete set of tapioca flour making machine. As a enterprise specialized in starch processing machine manufacturing, DOING tapioca flour making machine features with high degree of mechanization, simple operation, and low labor intensity. What's more, DOING provides customers with a package of turnkey projects from design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning to personnel training and after-sales service

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