Customer from the Philippines visits DOING cassava grinder machine

In September 2017, customers from the Philippines came to DOING to inspect the cassava grinder machine. The customer has his own land to grow cassava, and in order to increase the cassava income, he decides to make a small cassava processing workshop. But he still lacked a cassava grinder machine, so he came to China to inspect and purchase equipment.

customer from the Philippines:DOING sales manager and customer sign contracts

Through our website, the customer knows that we Doing Machinery is a professional manufacturer of cassava processing equipment, have our own factories, and a team of professional engineers. What's more, DOING cassava grinder machine is also designed and manufactured on the basis of the introduction of advanced European technology, with high efficient and high starch extraction rate. It is exactly the type that customers want, so he decided to visit our factory to inspect our equipment processing strength.

Here is the photo of DOING sales manager and customer from the Philippines:

cassava grinder machine sales to the philippines

By communicating with our sales manager, this customer from the Philippines came to our company first. Our sales manager and engineer introduced him to the details of the structure principle of our cassava grinder machine through videos and pictures, so that he can hava a more directly understand to our cassava grinder machine. He is satisfied with our machine and thought the video and photo were helpful. Then we took the customer to our factory in Jiaozuo, Henan. The customer was very satisfied with our processing strength after seeing our factory, and he signed the contract with us and paid a deposit.

Henan Doing Company is a professional manufacturer of cassava starch processing equipment. We can provide turnkey services from equipment manufacturing, packaging, delivery, installation, commissioning to worker training. Welcome to consult us about cassava processing equipment.

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