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Cassava grating machine price

The cassava grinding machine is a commonly used cassava processing equipment. Whether it is cassava starch, cassava flour or garri processing, a cassava grating machine is needed in the production process. With the development of modern mechanization, for starch manufacturers, it is undoubtedly inefficient to rely on manual completion, and it is necessary to rely on starch equipment to improve efficiency and increase the output. The use of a cassava grating machine can greatly improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and reduce waste of manual operations. For equipment purchaser, the cassava grating machine price is the first concern. So this article will focus on the factors affecting the cassava grating machine price.

cassava grating machineCassava grating machine

Factors affecting the cassava grating machine price

First, production capacity

The capacity is an important factor affecting cassava grating machine price. It is well known that the larger the production capacity, the higher the price. The production capacity of cassava starch processing plant is a measure of productivity and a key factor in the profitability of starch productor. Therefore, it is recommended to select the appropriate equipment according to the amount of production when purchasing equipment. Doing Company can customize the cassava grating machine from 1 ton/hour to 40 ton/hour according to customer needs.

cassava grating machineCassava grating machine with different capacity

Second, material

The material of the equipment is another aspect that affects cassava grating machine price. Different manufacturers have different materials for the manufacture of cassava grating machine, so the price is also different. In order to make the equipment last longer, it is recommended to choose high-quality and durable cassava grating machine made of stainless steel, so that it is not easy to be damaged or deformed during use, and thus can save maintenance costs. DOING can produce stainless steel and carbon steel equipment according to customer requirements and budgets.

Third, advanced technology

In fact, the difference in equipment also determines the difference in cassava grating machine price. Currently widely used cassava grating machines include hammer cruher and rapser. The efficiency of the two devices is different. Compared with the hammer cruher, the rasper is developed on the basis of absorbing and introduction of advanced European technology. The rotation speed is higher, the cassava grating rate is higher, and its grating efficiency is as high as 95%. It is recommended that buyer purchase equipment with advanced technology as much as possible, so that the equipment will not be outdated within 3-5 years. Moreover, the rasper is more efficient, and the quality of the cassava roducts is also better.

cassava grating machineHammer crusher and rasper

The above are several important factors affecting the cassava grating machine price. Expect the above factors, the cassava grating machine price is also determined by the equipment safety performance, operating performance, energy consumption and so on. Equipment purchaser need to pay more attention when choosing, and buy a satisfactory equipment from multiple perspectives. It is suggested that customers should not blindly pursue cheapness when purchasing cassava grating machine, but comprehensively consider quality and technology, so as to do a wise choice.

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