Advantages of automatic cassava starch production line

It is a traditional practice in the starch processing industry to use cassava as a raw material to extract high-quality starch. In the process of processing, cassava has to go through many processes to finally obtain edible starch. Therefore, under the traditional processing mode, the output of cassava starch is relatively low and the quality is not guaranteed. However, the fully automatic cassava starch production line can effectively increase the starch production capacity and make the starch quality higher. The main reason is because the cassava starch production line has the following advantages.

automatic cassava starch production lineAutomatic cassava starch production line

What are the advantages of automatic cassava starch production line?

1. High degree of automation

Since the quality-reliable automatic cassava starch production line adopts the advanced design process and the processing parts of each process are closely related, the fully automated processing of cassava starch can be realized. Not only can workers who operate in the traditional mode be freed from heavy labor, but also can increase the utilization rate of cassava and effectively increase the processing capacity of cassava starch per unit weight.

2. Longer service life

DOING fully automatic cassava starch production line consists of high quality and durable equipment. Each equipment on the production line is not only reasonable in structure, but also has treated with special surface treatment of the equipment material which is high corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Thus it not only extends the service life of cassava starch production line, but is more efficiency then traditional production methods.

cassava starch production machineHigh starch extraction rate rasper

3. Improve economic efficiency

The cassava starch production line adopts advanced cage cleaning when cleaning cassava, which can effectively avoid the loss of starch caused by the breakage of raw cassava, and can also better precipitate and refine the starch in other processes. Compared with traditional cassava milling method in cassava starch factory, high efficient rasper is introduced to crush cassava to extract starch which can achieve a starch extraction rate of more than 95%. Therefore it is recognized that the use of a professional cassava starch production line can improve the economic benefits of starch processing.

Henan Doing Machinery has experienced technical personnel to provide first-class process and mechanical design for automatic cassava starch production line; offers tailor-made factory to suit your requirements and provides turnkey service; the advanced automatic control system ensures the automatic and smooth operation of the whole production line.

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