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Originating in tropical America, cassava is one of the three major potato species in the world. It is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions, mainly distributed in Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, Bolivia, Thailand, Colombia and Indonesia. Cassava is also an important economic plant in southeast Asia. With the continuous improvement of world living standard and production technology, the consumption of raw materials and secondary products of cassava has been in short supply, and new varieties, new uses and new technologies of cassava have been emerging.

As an important cassava deep processing product, cassava starch has the features of high past viscosity, high clarity and high freeze-thaw stability, which makes it beneficial to many industries. Cassava starch factory by using high efficient cassava starch processing machine can effective extract starch out of cassava to produce high quality cassava starch for food or industrial use.

cassava starch factoryCassava starch factory

Here are the steps of cassava starch processing in cassava starch factory:

1. Cassava starch selection: Age and root quality are key factors when cassava root is harvested or selected for starch production. Therefore it is need to select mature and high quality cassava for starch production in cassava starch factory. Starch is relatively easy to extract because there is only a small amount of a secondary substance, such as protein and fibers in the root.

2. Cleaning and washing: Cassava root needs to be processed immediately after harvest because the root is highly perishable, and the enzyme process accelerates deterioration in 1-2 days. Cleaning in cassava starch factory serves to remove the sediments attached on cassava and outer peels of cassava. Then cleaned cassava enters into paddle washing machine for further remove the soil, dirt and other impurities with countercurrent washing method.

cassava starch machineCassava washing machine

3.Cutting and grating: Cutting happens prior to grating whose main function is to cut cassava root into 1-2 cm small pieces so that it can be easily grated into mash. In cassava starch factory, grating is the most important factor to determine the starch yield. As a professional starch deep processing equipment manufacturer, on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology, Doing Company combining the features of cassava, independently designs and develops high efficient grating machine-rasper. Features with high free starch extraction rate, high speed, the grating coefficient of DOING rasper is up to 95%.

4. Starch slurry separation: The grated starch slurry is transported into centrifuge sieve for separate fibers out of starch slurry. In cassava starch factory, multistage countercurrent centrifugal screen is generally adopted for better effect. Besides, fine fiber sieve is also used for further remove fine fibers. These machines can realize the automatic control of washing water pressure, washing time and washing water amount, which can achieve a good washing effect in practical application.

5. Desanding: In cassava starch factory, desanding is an necessary procedure which mainly serves to remove sand so as to achieve the purpose of improve the final starch taste. Cyclone desander by using of density separation method can effectively separate sand out of starch slurry.

cassava starch machineCassava starch refining machine

6. Enrichment and refining: The enrichment and refining process in cassava starch factory is accomplished by hydrocyclone station, which is divided into enrichment cyclone and refining cyclone. In this process, the insoluble protein, spare soluble protein and other foreign matters will be removed.

7. Dewatering: Dewatering process is mainly used for decrease water content of starch milk in order to meet the desire quality for drying. The required moisture content of starch after dewatering should be below 40%. Peeler centrifuge is used for dewatering in cassava starch factory. What is noteworthy is that the Siphon type peeler centrifuge can not only increase the productivity by 50%, but also decrease moisture content to 36.5%.

8.Drying and packing: Then it comes to drying procedure whose main function is to dry cassava starch to meet the commercial starch standards. In cassava starch factory, negative pressure flash dryer makes the wet starch suspended in the air by the hot gas flow with high speed. It is characterized by high heat transfer coefficient, large heat transfer area and short drying time. Then the dried starch is packed for marketing or warehousing.

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