Cassava starch production plant

Cassava starch as a basic raw material is extensively used in food, medicine, paper making, textile, oil drilling, building materials, feed and other fields. What's more, it has many remarkable characteristics which includes high viscosity, high viscosity and high freeze-thaw stability. Because of all of these properties, the use of cassava starch has increased significantly and is now widely used in food and beverage, sweeteners, fuels, drilling fluids, adhesives, textiles and paper. The global tapioca starch market reached around 6.7 million tons in 2017, up about 2.2 percent from 2010 to 2017, according to IMARC group.

cassava starch production plantCassava starch production plant

Here are the introduction of the detail cassava starch manufacturing process in cassava starch production plant

1.Raw material preprocessing: The shelf life of cassava is very short. Unfavorable storage conditions can result in loss of starch, which, in the worst case, can lead to the death and breakage of raw materials, which is detrimental to the overall process. Therefore, the roots should be processed in the order they are sent to cassava starch production plant, and the roots must be processed within 24 hours of harvest. Besides, raw materials of bad quality have to be rejected.

2.Raw material cleaning and washing: The first point to process the cassava is cleaning. Dry sieve is widely used for cleaning in cassava starch production plant whose main function is to remove sand, mud, leaves and other debris. Then the paddle wash machine is used for washing process which combines flushing with a low water level and continuous removal of dirt and peels. The wash water may be recycled after filtering off peels on a rotary screen and settling of sand in basins. Process water from the refining station and crude water replace the loss of wash water.

3.Cassava cutting and crushing: The washed cassava tubers are conveyed through conveyor belt to the cutting machine. In this section in cassava starch production plant, the cassava roots are chopped into pieces so as to ensure a properly feeding into the resper. Crushing is an key factors which determines the extraction rate of cassava starch. DOING rasper fully absorbs advanced technologies from home and abroad whose breaking rate is more than 94%.

cassava starch production machineCassava cutting and crushing machine

4.Centrifugal filtering: Another main factor which influence the extraction rate in cassava starch production plant is the filtering process. The centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve are adopted for this process. And the high efficiency of these machine makes it feasible to utilize high quality sieve plates made of stainless steel, which will withstand abrasion and CIP-chemicals.

5.Desanding: The specific gravity of mud and sand is greater than that of water, and is also larger than that of starch granules. Hence the separation of sand out of starch slurry by gravity separation is effective. Desander is a machine serves for this purpose in cassava starch production plant.

6.Hycrocyclone refining: Hycrocyclone station is a cassava starch production machinery used for concentration, refining and washing the starch slurry so as to achieve the purpose of removing the protein, cell sap and other impurities in cassava starch production plant. The extraction is a counter current process. With hydrocyclone station it is possible to reduce protein and cell sap to low levels with a minimum of fresh water. The color or whiteness can be ensured by this process.

cassava starch production machineCassava starch refining machine

7. Dewatering: The purified starch milk is then dewatered on a batch operated peeler centrifuge in cassava starch production plant. The required moisture content after dewatering is below 40%. DOING peeler centrifuge can effectively decrease the moisture content to 38%,and the siphon type peeler centrifuge can achieve a 36.5% dewatering effect.

8.Drying and packing: The dewatered starch is then dried by flash dryer with high speed air flow in cassava starch production plant. Special cooling system is adopted to guarantee the uniformity of the final starch. And finally, the dried starch is packed into different specification for selling.

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