Tapioca starch manufacturing plant

Tapioca starch is obtained from the roots of the cassava, which is found in equatorial regions between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. The name tapioca is usually applied to the roots of the plant, while tapioca starch is the name for starch. The large central pith of the cassava roots is the starch-reserve flesh and can range in starch content from as low as 15% to as high as 33%. In tapioca starch manufacturing plant, the machine used for tapioca starch processing is highly varied. Doing Company adopts advanced tapioca starch manufacturing equipment for the whole process which features with high productivity and low energy consumption.

tapioca starch manufacturing plantTapioca starch manufacturing plant

1. Raw material preprocessing stage:

a. Raw material reception and transportation: In tapioca starch manufacturing plant, the first point for reception is the weighing of cassava on a platform scale. The main yard conveyor may be a long horizontal band positioned 10 - 20 cm below floor level. In large reception yards more bands may be used to feed the main conveyor.

b. Cleaning and washing: Dry sieve is used for a dry cleaning of the roots prior to the washing step in tapioca starch manufacturing plant. The dry sieve takes away the stone, sand, weeds and other heavy foreign matters. Then paddle washing machine is engaged in washing away the attached soil, dirt and other impurities.

2.Tapioca starch extraction stage:

Cutting and crushing: Preferably a cutting machine is used before crushing step in tapioca starch manufacturing plant. The crushing stage is crucial to the overall starch extraction rate of the system, so the crushing machine is specially designed to achieve as high crushing efficiency as possible. DOING rasper can reach a crushing rate of more than 94%.

tapioca starch manufacturing machineCassava crushing machine

3.Tapioca starch separation and purification stage:

a. Separation: Separation is another important step for starch extraction in tapioca starch manufacturing plant whose main function is to remove the fibers out of starch slurry. Centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve are adopted for this purpose.

b. Sand removal: In tapioca starch manufacturing plant, sand removal is used for removing sand content in starch slurry so as to improve the taste of starch. In desander cyclone, the sand is discharged from bottom, while the slurry comes out from the top of the desander, and the fine sand grains in the starch slurry are removed to further improve the starch precision.

c. Concentration and refining: Starch is among the most pure of all agricultural products. In fact, purity is the most important parameter of competition. In tapioca starch manufacturing plant, hydrocyclone station is used for separating protein, fine fibers, and cell saps out of starch. Multi-stage hydrocyclone station is adopted for three purpose: first two stage for concentrating, the following 12 stage for purification and finally two stage for recycling of starch.

tapioca starch manufacturing machineTapioca starch refining machine

4. Tapioca starch dewatering and drying stage:

a. Dewatering: To dewater moisture content to prepare for drying. The required moisture after dewatering is 38%-40%.

b. Drying: The dewatered starch is taken to flash dryer for drying in tapioca starch manufacturing plant. Then the finished starch is packed in bags or in any other airtight containers.

tapioca starch manufacturing plantTapioca starch manufacturing plant

Suggested focus in tapioca starch manufacturing plant:

a. Special attention should be paid to cassava cleaning and later sand removal to ensure the taste of starch, which is the basic quality of starch quality.

b. Pay attention to crushing and filtering to ensure high extraction, which is the basis for ensuring economic benefits.

c. High degree of automation, complete the entire process in tapioca starch manufacturing plant in a short time to avoid starch oxidative browning.

d. The operation of the equipment is stable overall, and the various sections are closely coordinated to ensure process continuity.

e. Suitable drying method to avoid starch gelatinization and affect quality in cassava starch processing plant.

f. Operators in tapioca starch manufacturing plant are required to have relatively high quality to use automated equipment

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