Cassava starch processing machinery shipped to India

In April 2017, customers from India visited Doing Factory and ordered cassava starch processing machinery. After several months of design and manufacturing, Henan Doing Machinery completed the delivery of cassava starch processing machinery in January 2018.

Here are the photo of loading

cassava starch processing machinery


After the customer signed the contract with us in April, our factory began to work to produce cassava starch processing machinery for customers. The customer requested that the  flash dryer equipment must be all stainless steel material. Stainless steel material can guarantee the high standard of starch, no pollution and high quality. DOING team carefully check every detail and ensured that the equipment is designed and manufactured according to requirements. After all, the customer choosing Doing company, regarding us is a kind of trust, regarding our technology and the craft, is also  a kind of affirmation.

The picture below is the shippment site

cassava starch processing machinery


Doing Machinery is not only a professional cassava starch processing machinery manufacturer, but also has advanced machinery production lines and complete internal management systems, with modern manufacturing plants, and a comprehensive sales and service network. DOING equipment is exported to Nigeria, Russia, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Tanzania and  other countries. Your visiting is welcomed.

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