How to produce cassava starch from cassava ?

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The average composition of fresh cassava is that: starch 27%, cellulose 4%, protein 1%, other 3%, and moisture 65%. This indicates that cassava is perfect crop for starch production. But how to produce starch from cassava? Here is the answer.

cassava starchCassava & cassava starch

The detail introduction of how to produce starch from cassava

1. Raw material pretreatment stage:

a. cassava rreceiving and transportation: Raw materials are the foundation of production, and the quality of raw material is the decisive factor of product quality for how to produce starch from cassava and the key to determine the economic benefits of enterprises. Therefore, the job for the acquisition of raw materials must be done well. The received raw material is then sent to processing plant in the same day.

b. Cassava cleaning and washing: The main purpose of this step is for impurities removal. The neatly stacked raw materials are evenly distributed to the dry sieve for cleaning, through the vibration, rotation of the cleaning machine, the large sand, stone and other debris are removed and discharged. And then cassava goes into the paddle washing machine for how to produce starch from cassava. Washing requirements: wash away the mud and sand, and remove the outer peels of cassava, creating a good condition for the next process.

cassava starch processing machineCassava cleaning and washing machine

2.Cassava starch extraction and refining stage:

a. Cassava grating: The purpose of grating is to destroy the structure of the cassava cell so that the tiny starch grains can be separated from the root. Rasper is a kind of grating machine used for how to produce starch from cassava with high speed operation. It has the advantages of compact structure, stable operation, easy installation, easy maintenance and etc. It is widely used in cassava processing, providing good original pulp for the next sequence and improving the recovery rate of starch.

b. Starch pulp screening: Screening and washing of raw starch pulp is the key to the recovery rate of starch. It requires thoroughly screening and washing for how to produce starch from cassava. It requires that the cassava residue contains less than 35% of starch. Traditionally, screening process adopts 3-5 stage centrifugal screening.

cassava starch processing machineCassava grating machine

c. Sand removal: It is feasible to remove sand by using the method of specific gravity separation for how to produce starch from cassava. DOING desander flows out of the slurry from top, and discharges sand from bottom to achieve the purpose of desanding.

d. Enrichment and purification: Hydrocyclone unit is recently widely used machine for enrichment and purification process. This process for how to produce starch from cassava requires remove organic and inorganic impurities, such as protein, fibers and cell sap. Made with stainless steel, this machine can effectively prevent starch from polluted so as to ensure the whiteness of starch. DOING full hydrocyclone includes enrichment, refining and recovering of starch.

cassava starch processing machineStarch slurry separation and refining machine

3.Cassava starch dehydrating and drying stage:

a. Starch milk dehydrating: The starch milk after enrichment still contains a large amount of water, which must be dehydrated to improve the drying efficiency for how to produce starch from cassava. Most of the water is dried by the high speed rotation of the peeler centrifuge. Wet starch moisture content is required less than 38%, so as to save energy, reduce costs, improve production capacity and starch quality.

cassava starch processing machineCassava starch dewatering and drying machine

b. Starch drying and packing: Drying process follows dehydrating which is used for dry wet starch to meet commercial standards. Drying requirements: water content of starch is below 14%. Doing Machinery adopting first class negative pressure flash dryer for how to produce starch from cassava, the entire drying process is completed in an instant, and there is no risk of starch degradation or deterioration.

All in all, the above is the complete process for how to produce starch from cassava. As professional cassava starch machine manufacturer, the cassava starch production line of Doing Company not only has high stability, adaptability, controllability and easy maintenance, but also has high yield and good quality of starch. Should you have any further concerns about the process of how to produce starch from cassava, welcome to contact us, DOING engineer is willing to help.

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