Cassava starch machine

Cassava root is a high quality starch processing raw material because of its high starch content and little protein, oil and ash content. The starch content of fresh cassava root of is 25% ~ 32%. In cassava starch production process, the cassava roots should be received as soon as possible from the field after harvest and cannot be stored for more than two days. For the woody matter or stones attached on the cassava root may seriously interfere with the grinding process by stoppage or by breaking the blades. A complete cassava starch includes the following procedure: cassava cleaning, washing, grinding, separating, concentration and refining, dehydrating, drying and packing. And the widely used cassava starch machine includes: dry sieve, paddle washing machine, rasper, centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve, hydrocyclone station, vacuum filter and flash dryer.

cassava starch machineMain cassava starch machine

And the following is the outline of cassava starch machine used for cassava starch processing:
1. Cassava cleaning machine: The widely used cassava cleaning machine is dry sieve which serves to remove the sand, weed, stone and other impurities of the raw cassava. This machine adopts multiple inner spirals design to push material forward during the cleaning process, thus the cleaning and transporting of the cassava is completed at the same time. The machine features with reasonable rotating speed and stable running which prevents the material from damage.

2.Cassava washing machine: Paddle washing machine is the extensively used cassava starch machine for washing process. The washing here serves to remove the outer skin of the root as well as the adhering dirt. The paddle washing machine is a perforated cylindrical tank which is immersed in water. A spiral brush propels the roots while they are subjected to vigorous scrubbing in order to remove all dirt. This machine adopts the countercurrent washing principle to flush the roots, ensuring that they receive an efficient washing.

cassava cleaning machineCassava cleaning and washing machine

3.Cassava grinding machine: Rasper is an important cassava starch machine which is used for rupturing all cell walls in order to release the starch granules. By pressing the roots against a swiftly moving surface provided with sharp protrusions, the cell walls are torn up and the whole of the root is turned into a mass in which the most of the starch granules is released. The grinding rate is the percentage of starch set free whose value determines to a large extent the overall yield of starch in the processing.DOING rasper as a high efficient grinding machine can achieve a breaking rate or starch extraction rate more than 94%.

cassava starch production machineCentrifugal sieve

4. Separating machine: The separating process is for removing the fiber out of starch. The mainly used cassava starch machine includes centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve. Centrifuge sieve takes use of high speed centrifugal force to separate the fiber from starch. In order to improve the separating effect, multiple screening or countercurrent washing technology are generally adopted. And the fine fiber sieve is mainly used for further separating fine fiber from starch by low speed centrifugal force. It is required through separating process, the starch content of cassava residue is less than 35%. The fiber impurity content of milk is lower than 0.05% and the concentration of milk reaches 5~6 baume.

Below is the main cassava starch machine parameters:

Cassava machine Material Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Main function
Dry sieve carbon steel, stainless steel 10-30 5.5-11 Clean sand,weed,stone,etc.
Paddle washing machine 10-40 11-25 Wash dirt,soil,etc.
Cutting machine 10-40 11-22 Cut cassava into small pieces
Rasper 6-40 7.5-250 Crush cassava into slurry
Centrifuge sieve 5-30 7.5-45 Seperate fiber from starch
Fine fiber sieve 2-6 3-4.4 Further seperating
Hydrocyclone 3-8 7.5-40 Concentrate and refine
Vacuum filter 1-12 2-8 Dewatering for starch milk
Flash dryer 2.6-10 61.5-268 Dry cassava starch

5. Concentration and refining machine: The main function of hydrocyclone staion is to separate insoluble protein, residual soluble protein and other impurities from starch milk, so as to achieve the purpose of washing, refining and concentration of starch milk. Our company uses 12-stage washing cyclones to wash, refine and concentrate starch milk. It is separated according to the specific gravity of water, starch and protein. In general, the 12 stage washing hydrocyclone will be used in tandem, the slurry concentration is 20~22 baume.

6. Dehydrating machine: Vacuum filter is the extensively used cassava starch machine whose main function is to dewater the starch milk. The vacuum filter utilizes the negative pressure to suck the starch on the filter cloth. And the filter slot is equipped with reciprocating paddle stirrer to prevent starch deposition. The moisture content of starch milk is 38% by DOING vacuum filter.

cassava starch drying machineCassava starch drying machine

7. Drying machine: Flash dryer is the finally used cassava starch machine. Flash dryer take use of high speed hot air to dry the wet starch to meet the standard. Hot air flow enters into the flash dryer to mix with the wet starch and vaporize the water in just 2-3 seconds and then separate the starch and air. It is required that the vapor pressure is controlled at 0.8mpa.The water content of starch products is about 13.5% after drying.

The above is the detail introduction of the cassava starch machine. Doing Company is a professional cassava deep processing machine manufacturer. Our cassava starch machine had the characteristics of small area, low cost and high production efficiency. To know more about cassava starch machine, please contact our engineer.

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