Cassava starch extraction equipment

Cassava starch can be divided into two kinds of starch, one is modified starch, another is original starch. As we all know,starch can be used in paper making, glass fiber making and food industry and so on. Therefore, cassava starch has wide application. But for some people, these questions haunt them. For example, what are cassava starch extraction equipment, and how to extract cassava starch?

Don't worry, the following text will tell you about our cassava starch extraction equipment and its extraction process.

cassava starch production processCassava starch extraction process

Step 1 cassava cleaning and washing

Before cleaning, we should choose fresh cassava in order to guarantee high-quality cassava starch. Then these fresh cassava will be transported to dry sieve, then dry sieve will rotates its inner spirals to remove some peels and surface impurities. After that, paddle washing machine will adopts counter current working principle to wash cassava, so the raw material will flow in the converse direction against water current, which makes washing completely and effectively.

Step 2 cassava cutting and crushing

Then cassava will be cut into pieces by cutting machine. After that these cassava pieces will be transported into cassava rasper. As cassava starch extraction equipment, cassava crushing also plays a key part. Because the centrifugal force, the saw blade and clamping device are thrown to the outer edge, thus the saw blade tooth peak protrudes on the surface of the rasper rotor. Then the cassava will be mashed with files and sharp teeth. Finally it turns out to be a kind of mush.

cassava crushing machineCassava cutting and crushing

Step 3 slurry-residue separation

If some one are finding cassava starch extraction equipment, he must know slurry-reside separation. The mush contains fiber and starch, then the mush will go through centrifuge sieve to remove big fiber and and some sand and so on. At this time, the starch and residue are separated. Then the residue will be discharge, then the slurry will go through fine fiber sieve so as to remove smaller fiber from starch slurry.

Step 4 starch slurry de-sanding

The starch slurry still contains some sands, so de-sanding machine will used to remove the sand out of slurry.

cassava starch making machineFine fiber sieve

Step 5 protein separation

Protein separation is one of process of cassava starch extraction equipment. In the process of making cassava starch, in order to separate residue and protein out of starch slurry completely, disc separator will use centrifugal force to separate cell liquid and protein out of slurry. Then the last purification equipment is hydrocyclone unit. The starch will be removed fiber, protein and cell sap out of starch milk. Usually, after all the steps, the starch slurry contain very little protein and other things. The starch is pure now.

Step 6 cassava starch dehydrating

In the step about cassava starch extraction equipment, the starch slurry will be feed into peeler centrifuge, then after dewatering the starch, the discharge process is completed by the scraper in the drum of peeler centrifuge. The finished starch only contains 36.5% water.

Step 7 cassava starch drying

Cassava starch drying is an important technology process of cassava starch extraction equipment. At this step, cassava starch will be dried by flash dryer in a short time.

cassava starch sieving machineCassava starch sieving equipment

Step 8 cassava starch sieving and packing

Starch will be sieved by sieving machine,the machine has different screen meshes, so the big size starch can be screened, and fine starch will be kept. Then the final starch will be packed by automatic packing machine.This is main steps of cassava starch extraction equipment. The whole process includes cassava cleaning and washing, cassava cutting and crushing, slurry-residue separation, starch slurry de-sanding, protein separation, starch dehydrating, cassava starch drying, starch sieving and packing. Doing company in China is a professional cassava starch extraction equipment manufacturer, owns the cassava starch extraction technology and produce all the equipmentss which have mentioned above.
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