How to improve starch extraction rate in cassava processing?

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For starch processing manufacturers, the starch extraction rate is very important, which is related to the cost, benefit and profit of cassava processing plant. Therefore the question of how to maximize the starch extraction rate, filtration rate has become the primary solution, then how to effectively improve starch extraction rate? Doing Group will answer this question for you in detail.

cassava processingHow to improve starch extraction rate in cassava processing

The cassava starch production process can be simply summarized as: cleaning- washing- crushing- sieving-refining-dehydration-drying. The most important influence on the starch extraction rate in these links is the crushing, sieving and refining sections. As long as the water content of the starch is well controlled in the drying section, this operation has almost no effect on the starch yield.

The purpose of crushing in cassava processing plant is to break the cell wall of cassava tubers as much as possible, so that the starch granules are exposed to the maximum extent. Because the fiber content in cassava is large, it cannot be broken too fine, otherwise it will affect the filtretion and refining effect of starch. Generally the effect of crushing is expressed as the starch free rate. When the processed cassava varieties are the same and the processing water volume is the same, the equipment with good crushing performance has high starch extraction rate. The quality of the crushing is directly related to the free effect of starch, and the high starch free rate is a prerequisite for high starch extraction rate.

cassava processing machinecassava grating machine for starch extraction

In order to solve this problem, Doing Company combines the foundations of domestic and foreign cassava processing equipment and technology, and combines with traditional craftsmanship, specially designed and manufactured the high efficient cassava crushing machine. It is especially suitable for processing high-fiber, high-yield cassava starch. Its mains featuress includes:

①. The uniqueness of the device is mainly reflected in its high crushing efficiency. DOING rasper has a starch extraction rate more than 94%, ensuring the starch in cassava is extracted to the greatest extent.

②. Unique rotary drum groove structure design, easy to tighten the saw blade components.

③. Designed with two-way file and combined file, with interchangeability and long service life.

④. By adopting the unique quick clamping device of the screen, this rasper is easy to remove the screen

In addition, Doing Machinery adopts a unique process of first-stage crushing, multi-stage filtration, multi-stage concentrating, purification and sequential circulation to further improve the starch extraction rate, which significantly increase material separation rate and reduce overall energy consumption.

cassava processing machineCassava processing machine for extracting starch

The benefits of this process

One stage crushing, multi-stage filteration is more scientific. First, the cassava is cut and then crushed with a rasper, which not only increases the cassava breakage rate, but also increases the starch extraction rate and also reduces the burden on the rasper. And the starch and the cassava residue are sufficiently freed by prolonging the washing time and increasing the filtration strength. After multiple screening and washing, the starch is freely free, which overcomes the defect that it is difficult to filter by only one filtration, and greatly improves the extraction rate of starch in cassava starch production process. Inaddition, multi-stage screening also further increases the fineness of the cassava dregs, thereby saving power, improving efficiency and ensuring uniformity of materials.

Multi-stage purification, more thorough extraction. Three-stage screening, energy saving and water saving, promoting extraction; multi-stage concentration and purification, thorough extraction and complete starch releasing. Hydrocyclone unit is used in the purification of starch to remove fine impurities in starch and is an indispensable equipment in high quality cassava processing. Through multi-stage concentration, washing, purification and recycling, starch free rate can reach more than 98%, starch extraction is more thorough. And the ultimate material moisture content is low, easy to dehydrate. Product performance advantages: save power, small size, save space, ultra-low speed rotation, fully guarantee the filtration fineness.

In addition, continuous and efficient operation of crushing and multi-stage separation, refining shortens the contact time of starch with oxygen, avoids the browning of starch due to oxidation, ensures the whiteness of starch and high quality of starch.

Doing Company uses the unique crushing and filteration method and professional crushing equipment to maximize the extraction rate of cassava starch. Through strict process control, high-quality starch is obtained, which obtains high economic benefits and protects the production interests of customers.

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