Reasons for low starch extraction rate in cassava processing

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In the field of cassava processing, there are many factors affecting the starch extraction rate and yield of starch, including raw material starch content, processing technology, crushing efficiency, screening degree, acid slurry quality, temperature, water quality, equipment and operating procedures, etc. To improve starch extraction rate and economic benefit, in-depth understanding for low starch extraction rate reasons and active preventive measures must be taken.

Among them, the main factors affecting the rate of starch extraction in cassava processing are:

cassava processingDifferent cassava varieties

1. Raw material variety

The starch content of cassava in high starch special varieties is generally 22%-26%, the starch content of edible and starchy varieties is 18%-22%, while the starch content of edible and feed varieties is only 10%-20%. For those who started cassava processing for the first time, they did not know this knowledge, did not distinguish between varieties when purchasing raw materials, only looked at the size and appearance, and ended up collecting a lot of cassava with very low starch rate, resulting in low starch yield, thus result in large loss.

cassava processingNewly harvested cassava and old cassava

2. Freshness of raw materials

For cassava processing, the fresh cassava just harvested has a higher starch content. The longer the stacking time, the greater the proportion of starch converted to sugar and the lower the starch yield. Therefore, it is better to process fresh cassava at the time of harvesting , thus the cassava starch produced is good quality, the starch conversion rate and extraction rate are also improved, and resource waste is reduced.

cassava starch equipmentCassava starch equipment

3. Cassava processing equipment

In fact, in the cassava processing, in addition to the preparation of the basic raw materials, more important is the cassava starch processing machine. A full set of mechanized cassava processing can be devided into: cleaning - crushing - filtration - sand removal - refining - dehydration - drying - packaging.

Crushing and filtration are two important parts determines the starch extraction rate in cassava processing. Therefore, it is very important to choose the cassava starch processing equipment produced by professional starch machinery manufacturers. The use of professional and efficient modern processing machinery can greatly improve the starch extraction rate, effectively improve the free starch filtration rate, increase the extraction rate of cassava starch, and help starch processing manufacturers achieve good economic benefits.


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