How does an industrial flash dryer work ?

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Working principle of an industrial flash dryer

The industrial flash dryer is a large-scale drying equipment. The working principle explans how does an industrial flash dryer work. It adopts the principle of instantaneous drying, using the rapid movement of hot air, drive the wet material, make the wet material suspended in a hot air, so to strengthen the whole drying process and improves heat transfer rate. The unbound water content of material can be almost completely removed after airflow drying (for example, the moisture content of the material such as starch is ≤40%, the finished product can be 13.5%), and the dried material will not produce deterioration phenomenon. The output is significantly improved compared to the general drying machine drying, users can achieve higher economic benefits in the short term.

industrial flash dryerIndustrial flash dryer structure

How does an industrial flash dryer work ?

1. The material enters the dryer.

2. The hot air flows into the heat exchanger for how does an industrial flash dryer work, causing the clean air entering the heat exchanger at the other end to become dry hot air.

3. After the hot air enters the industrial flash dryer, it quickly impacts the material and mixes with the material in an instant, maximizing the contact area between the material and the air to rapidly evaporate water.

4. The material enters the material pipeline under the action of gravity and wind and is further dried.

5. The dry material is discharged through the discharge port at the lower part of the cyclone.

The heating system of how does an industrial flash dryer work is provided with an automatic temperature control device, which can arbitrarily set the temperature of the dry hot air according to the needs, and always maintain a certain temperature, so that the quality of the starch is stable and uniform.

industrial flash dryerIndustrial flash dryer

What industries use an industrial flash dryer ?

To know how does an industrial flash dryer work, we also need to know its uses. Industrial flash dryer is suitable for drying and dehumidifying powder materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, building materials, plastics and other industries, such as: starch, fish meal, salt, distiller's grains, feed, gluten, plastic resin, mineral powder, coal powder, sodium sulfate and various materials drying.

The above is the detail introduction of how does an industrial flash dryer work. Henan Doing Machinery is a professional starch processing machine manufacturer, we can not only provide industrial flash dryer, but also complete set of equipment for cassava starch processing plant. The industrial flash dryer manufactured by DOING has reached a high level through unique design. The whole equipment has high automation degree, low investment, low energy consumption, easy operation, small footprint, and low maintenance and repair needs. Any more question about how does an industrial flash dryer work, welcome to contact our engineer.

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