How to dry cassava starch ?

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Starch drying is the last important step in the entire production line during the processing of cassava starch. The dehydrated wet starch contains a large amount of water content (35% to 45%) and cannot be stored or transported for a long time, therefore must be dried. But how to dry cassava starch? There are many drying methods in cassava starch processing. We will mainly compares various drying methods to understand the advantages and disadvantages of different drying methods, and selects suitable equipment.

cassava starchHow to dry cassava starch

(1) Natural drying method:

The use of natural sun drying to achieve a reduction in water content, this solution for how to dry cassava starch is simple, almost no cost, suitable for small-scale home-style workshops or farmer starch drying. The shortcomings are long time, outdoor processing, limited by uncontrollable factors such as weather, site, environment. When in the rainy season, the dryness of starch will be affected. Meanwhile, the dust, bacteria and other polution can not be isolated, sanitary conditions can not meet standards.

how to dry cassava starchSun drying method

(2) Drying method of drying room:

The small-scale processing plant has a drying room to solve the question how to dry cassava starch. It is to introduce a heatable drying tube into the room for heating, so that the temperature in the room is maintained at 50-55 degrees, and the indoor tray can be reasonably set in the room, and the indoor volume can be large or small. At the top of the drying room, there are several exhaust fans to adjust the temperature and humidity inside the room.

There are also a variety of heating methods in the drying room. The simpler method is to directly pass the hot air into the drying room through the pipeline. Or use a hot air oven outside to heat the cleaned air into the room. This way, the temperature is relatively easy to control. The drying time for how to dry cassava starch in the drying room depends on the wetness of the starch, but generally does not exceed 20 hours.

The advantage of drying room for how to dry cassava starch is low investment. The disadvantages are low production efficiency, long time consumption, high labor intensity, uneven drying of product, large temperature change in the room, and easy gelatinization of the starch.

cassava starch drying machineAirflow drying method

(3) Airflow drying method:

Uses: suitable for drying of sweet potato starch, potato starch, cassava starch, wheat starch, corn starch and other wet starch after dehydration.

Working principle:

Airflow drying is also called instantaneous drying, which is currently one of the most commonly used equipment in the starch processing industry. The method for how to dry cassava starch is to directly contact hot air with the material to be dried, and suspend the material to be dried (starch) in the airflow, and quickly remove water from the small particles which are easy to dehydrate and the powdery wet material. The contact area of the two phases is large, thus the process of heat and mass transfer is strengthened. This starch flash dryer is especially suitable for the drying of heat sensitive materials. Because the material and the gas flow in the same direction, and the residence time of the material is extremely short, so the drying temperature is lower, used for starch drying to ensure that starch does not paste, so that the product drying quality is guaranteed.

cassava starch drying machineCassava starch drying machine

Product performance characteristics:

1. It has large drying strength, small equipment investment and large evaporation capacity, which can be from 50kg/h to 2000kg/h.

2. Short drying time for how to dry cassava starch, suitable for heat sensitive materials, finished products are not in contact with the outside world, no pollution, good quality.

3. Basic airflow drying equipment, suitable for loose, small viscosity and finished products is particles or powder material.

4. The equipment for how to dry cassava starch is provided in complete sets. The heat source can be steam heated or used in conjunction with coal, fuel, gas hot air stoves.

5. The whole system adopts automatic control to automatically adjust the feed amount and intake air quantity by measuring the difference of feed moisture and temperature difference, thus ensuring the stability of product moisture.

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