How tapioca flour is made ?

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The most important basic principal of how tapioca flour is made is extraction section.

For example, by impurity separation, dirty washing water (sewage) will pass through the sedimentation tank to remove smaller impurities, and the overflow will be discharged. The clean process water is added from the last stage of the hydrocyclone unit, mixed with the starch milk, and then the overflow is mixed with the previous starch milk to wash and separate, so that the first-stage countercurrent washing causes the fiber and the cell liquid to be discharged with water. The 13-stage washing can ensure the washing effect of the cyclone station of how tapioca flour is made, it can better remove the impurities such as fiber and protein contained in the starch milk, and ensure that there is no impurity in the starch milk coming out from the cyclone station. In this way, the indicators of the produced starch can be guaranteed to meet the standards.

how tapioca flour is madeHow tapioca flour is made

How tapioca flour is made? The key is to remove fiber, protein and cell sap out of starch milk to concentrate and delicate scrubbing starch milk.

The next step of how tapioca flour is made is dewatering. The starch slurry can be dewatered by a peeler centrifuge.

The inner and outer rotating drums of the main motor drive set rotate at full speed, and the material is introduced into the rotating drum by the feeding tube. Under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid phase passes through the filter cloth and the inner rotating drum wall filter hole discharges the inner rotating drum, and is collected between the inner and outer rotating drums.

How tapioca flour is made pulp is using the peeler centrifuge to shorten the separating time and increase production capacity. In the gap, the through hole that passes through the siphon chamber enters the siphon chamber, and is then evacuated by the siphon device. The solid phase is trapped inside the drum to form an annular filter cake layer. The feed is stopped after the feed reaches a predetermined volume, and further separated, and washing can be performed at this time. After washing and separation, the scraper rotates automatically, scraping the solid phase out of the machine through the conveying screw, and then automatically washing the net to start the next cycle.

tapioca starch processing machineTapioca starch processing machine

Notes for how tapioca flour is made:

1.The technical parameters provided in the instructions of products are preferable.

2.The customer who asks about products please inform us of the characteristic parameter of material and operate condition for how tapioca flour is made.

3.The design and the manufacturing of individuation are available:

tapioca starch processing machineDOING tapioca starch processing plant installation in Nigeria

Material: common stainless steel, special stainless steel or titanium alloy can be used for the material of the Parts suspension contacts for how tapioca flour is made machine.

Types of motor: conventional type or explosion-proof type single-speed motor.

Electric control: semi-automatic, fully automatic or controlled with PLC program.

Basket Speed: regulated with frequency conversion sped-adjustment.

Discharge: motor liquid and washing solution can be discharged either mixed or separately.

Supply designs and manufacturing according to the standard of GMP.

Other technical demands for how tapioca flour is made could be discussed.

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