What are the requirements for cassava starch processing business?

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The considerable profits and good prospects of cassava starch processing business attract more and more people to invest it. However, starting cassava processing business needs some thresholds. The requirements for cassava starch processing business are sufficient funds, suitable plant land, good cassava starch processing equipment, complete formalities, adequate cassava raw material supply, etc.

cassava starch processing plantCassava starch processing plant

1.Sufficient funds

Funds are the blood of enterprise operation. To start a cassava starch processing business, sufficient funds are requested. You should have a budget plan for the cassava starch processing plant, including equipment cost, plant building cost, labor cost, running cost, etc.

2.Suitable plant land

It’s suggested to choose the cassava starch processing plant site with convenient transportation, stable water and electricity supply. And the plant land size depends on processing capacity of cassava starch production line that will be installed. Henan Jinrui’s engineer can give advice on plant layout include workshop, warehouse, raw material storage area, office., etc based on the land you prepare for plant building.

3.Good cassava starch processing equipment

good cassava starch processing equipmentCassava starch processing equipment

Good cassava starch processing equipment can ensure high yield of cassava starch and high quality of finished starch as well. Henan Jinrui manufactures complete equipment of different processing capacities. If your starch content of fresh cassava is not less than 23%, our design can ensure that 4 tons tubers can 1 ton starch. Besides, all cassava contact parts of our equipment are made of stainless steel 304, which is safe and hygienic for food production.

4.Complete formalities

The major formalities requested for cassava starch processing business include business license, hygiene license, food production license, tax registration, QS certification, etc.

5.Adequate cassava raw material supply

cassava for cassava starch processing plantAdequate cassava raw material supply

To make the cassava starch processing plant run well, you need to ensure stable and adequate cassava raw material supply by planting cassava in your farm or buying them from other cassava distributors. The raw material supply should match with processing capacity of your cassava starch processing plant. For example, if you are going to set up a plant with capacity of 10 tons starch per day, you need to ensure that you can get 40 tons cassava roots daily.

As a professional cassava starch processing equipment manufacturer, Henan Jinrui Company can customize you the best equipment at factory price and offer proper suggestions to help you develop the cassava starch processing business smoothly. Please contact us without hesitation if you have interests!

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