What factors should be considered when choosing the location of cassava processing plant?

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Now more and more people want to make full use of cassava cultivation and policy advantages to establish cassava processing plants to obtain more profits. But to establish cassava processing plant, people need to know where to build the plant is most appropriate. So what factors should be considered when choosing the location of cassava processing plant?

As a company with rich experience in installing cassava processing plant projects, Henan Jinrui company recommends that you take factors like raw material supply, transportation, water and electricity resources, etc. into consideration.

First factor: raw material supply

cassava raw material supplyCassava raw material supply

Generally speaking, cassava is best processed within 3 days after harvest. Otherwise, the starch in cassava is easily converted into sugar, which affects the quality and output of final cassava products to a certain extent; on the other hand, cassava will decay, and make it hard to peel, resulting in waste of raw materials. Therefore, when you choose the location of the cassava processing plant, your factory had better be close to the cassava plantation.

Second factor: transportation

It is better to have convenient transportation for the location of cassava processing plant. This will not only facilitate the delivery of raw materials to cassava processing plants for timely processing, but also offer great convenience for delivering processed final cassava products to market for sale.

Third factor: water and electricity resources

cassava processing plantCassava processing plant

While processing cassava into cassava starch, cassava flour or garri, it is inevitable to consume a certain amount of water and electricity resources. So to maintain the normal operation and economic benefits of cassava processing plant, it's necessary to choose the location of cassava processing plant with enough stable and electricity resources supply, especially for investors in Africa.

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If you have more questions about starting cassava processing plant, welcome to contact with Henan doing company. As a professional cassava processing machine manufacturer, we can not only offer you all-around technical support and solutions to help you establish the cassava processing plants smoothly, but also customize you the most suitable processing solutions!

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