Why customers choose to purchase cassava peeling machine from Henan(China) Jinrui company?

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Cassava peeling machine, also called cassava peeler, is used for peeling the two layers of cassava. This machine is not only widely used in garri processing plant, but also cassava flour processing plant. Obviously, cassava peeling machine is an important and essential machine in garri and cassava flour industry. Therefore, customers are more care about the quality of cassava peeling machine when purchasing it. From raw material and capacity to structure are all concerned. In order to meet the needs of customers, Henan Jinrui company constantly innovate the cassava peeling machine to provide customers with high quality and efficient machine.

Now, cassava peeling machine of Henan(China) Jinrui company, with its advantages of high efficiency, stable performance and low consumption as well as long service life has become the most hot machine in garri processing plant and gained good admired in Nigeria. Besides, it gains the first rank in this industry in recent years.

The reasons of so many customers, especially in Nigeria and Ghana, choose to purchase cassava peeling machine from Henan(China) Jinrui company would be as following.

1.Stainless steel body structure

cassava peeling machineCassava peeling machine

In order to extend the service life of cassava peeling machine of Henan(China) Jinrui company, our engineer team choose stainless steel as one raw material to make the body structure. It also benefits for maintenance in the future.

2.Special design:spiral and sand rollers

There is a spiral in the middle of the cassava peeling machine, which is used for stirring cassava to enhance the peeling efficiency. As you can see in the picture, it is made by stainless steel pieces. Compared with the old cassava peeling machine, this type cassava peeling machine would be more stable when running. It would not happen that cassava get stuck in the spiral.

cassava peelinhg machineThe sand rollers of cassava peelinhg machine

Another design sand roller has strong peeling ability if adding water on it. It is the key device to peel cassava layers. In the market, there are varieties of cassava peeling machine, like plastic brush roller, stainless steel brush roller. But only sand roller has good peeling effect and would not hurt cassava. This design ensures that peeling rate of the cassava peeling machine is up to 95%. It not only helps you get cleaning cassava but also low the loss of cassava.

Except for these two reasons above, customers choose to purchase cassava peeling machine from Henan(China) Jinrui company also because we provide customized service and perfect after-sale service. Worker training, installation guiding,machine warranty and technological supporting are all provided.

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No matter how big the capacity of cassava peeling machine you need, also we can provide it for you. Welcome to leave a message about your demand of cassava peeling machine, our project manager will contact u soon.

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