How to configure purifying machine for cassava starch processing plant?

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Cassava starch processing is divided into three part, including washing and cleaning, processing and drying. Among of them, processing is an important part in cassava starch processing, which affect the yield and quality of cassava starch. For this critical part, there is an sub-part called cassava starch slurry purification. And the purifying machines are included fine fiber sieve, desander, centrifuge sieve and hydrocyclone station. But do you know how to configure purifying machine for cassava starch processing plant? Today, Henan Jinrui company takes the hydrocyclone station as an example to talk about how the purifying machine is configured in cassava starch processing plant.

cassava starch processing machine Hydrocyclone station to purify cassava starch

Hydrocyclone station is used to remove fiber, protein and cell sap of cassava starch milk of which purifying principle is divided into three part: concentrating, recycling and washing. Normally to say, Henan Jinrui company would configure 18 stages of hydrocyclone station for the customer who ordered cassava starch processing machine. Because such stage of hydroclones to purify cassava starch slurry can help customer to get high quality and purity of cassava starch. Besides, Henan Jinrui company received good feedback from many customers because of hydroclone station's good purifying effect. All in all, Henan Jinrui company recommends that you configure 18 stages of hydrocyclone station in cassava starch processing plant in order to get good cassava starch.

Of course, if you are limited in budget and don't have high standards for cassava starch, Henan Jinrui company can configure 6 of stages hydrocyclone station or 8 stages of hydrocyclone station. Henan Jinrui company has provide customer with customizing service and perfect after-sale service for 10+ years. If you want to start cassava starch processing plant, welcome to consult Henan Jinrui company for more details. Our manager will contact you within 24 hours.

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