How to fully crush cassava in cassava processing line?

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Generally in cassava processing line, crushing cassava is divided into two steps. First of all, you need a cassava cutting machine to cut cassava into pieces or slices. Next, grind the cassava slice or cassava slice with grinding machine. After being processed by these two machines, the cassava is fully crushed into cassava pulp.

cassava cutting machineTow types cushing machine

Cassava cutting machine

The cassava cutting machine is used to cut cassava, sweet potato and other potato raw materials into 3-5cm tubers. It is the first crushing stage in the crushing section of cassava processing, which is convenient for subsequent further crushing, improving crushing efficiency and crushing effect, reducing blade pressure, and prolonging the service life of the saw blade of the filing machine.

The main working part of a cassava cutting machine is a rotary table with a blade. The rotary table is composed of a spindle and a rotary table. The blades are divided into moving and static knives. When working, the spindle drives the moving knife to rotate, and the moving knife group is a vertical distribution structure of diamond cutter, with uniform pressure distribution, fast cutting speed and large handling capacity. The knife plate is a set of static knives, and the combination of moving knife and static knife cuts the material, breaking evenly, so that the material does not block. When the cassava cutting machine works, the motor drives the rotary table to rotate rapidly in the cutting cavity. The material enters from the upper feeding port and is cut into blocks by the rotary blade on the upper part of the rotary knife, and then discharged by the lower part of the rotary knife.

The advantages of the cassava cutting machine:

The cassava cutting machine body is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, and the blade is made of food grade 4Cr13 stainless steel with high strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Our cassava cutting machine is durable, new design mechanism, equipment easy to disassemble and maintain.

cassava cutting machineCassava cutting machine and its blades

Cassava grinding machine

Cassava grinding machine used to crush cassava tubers. The grain size of the crushed material is larger, which can retain the original flavor of cassava.

The equipment structure mainly includes licker, toothed shaft, regulating plate, brush, screen, housing, frame, transmission device and motor. The licker is made of 65Mn high manganese steel. Driven by the high-speed rotating rotor, the surface of the licker is planed in contact with the material to achieve the purpose of crushing the material. There are two toothed shafts on the side of licker for material feeding device, which can assist the feeding. The crushing degree and feeding amount of the material can be adjusted by the regulating plate on the side. The larger the clearance, the larger the particle size, and the higher the handling amount, and vice versa. The crushed material is discharged to the outlet under the push of the internal rotating brush, and part of the starch water can be discharged from the bottom outlet through the sieve.

The advantages of the cassava grinding machine:

The regulating plate is made of food grade nylon 66, clean and hygienic. The screen is made of non-metallic polyester, which is easy to clean. The device is driven by a motor, which can provide all the power. In addition, taking into account some special circumstances of African customers, the motor drive can also be changed to diesel drive.

cassava grating machineCassava pieces grating machine

These two crushing machine of Henan DOING can fully meet the customer's demand of fully crushing cassava in the cassava processing line. Not only that, our machinery can also be adjusted according to the special needs of customers, and we do our best to give customers convenience. Compared with other machinery suppliers, Henan DOING's machinery is more convenient to operate and has a longer service life.


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