Is the hydrocyclone starch refining equipment necessary in the starch production process?

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If you want to produce starch that meets the quality requirements, hydrocyclone starch refining equipment is a necessary machine in the starch production process. Moreover, And the more series connected, the more soluble impurities are removed, and the higher the starch quality.

hydrocyclone starch refiningHydrocyclone unit and single hydrocyclone

Functions of hydrocyclone starch refining equipment:

The function of the hydrocyclone starch refining equipment is to remove the small fibers, protein and cell fluid in the starch slurry. It is used in the refined process of cassava, sweet potato and potato starch production. The starch production process is a physical separation process, that is, the starch in the raw material is separated from other substances such as cellulose and cell fluid. And the starch is insoluble in cold water and has a specific gravity greater than water, water and hydrocyclone starch refining equipment separate the starch from the water suspension to achieve the purpose of recovering starch.

hydrocyclone starch refiningFull-hydrocyclone process used in starch production

Advantages of hydrocyclone starch refining equipment:

1.DoingHoldings-HenanJinrui’s hydrocyclone and the pipe connections between the hydrocyclones are made of 304 stainless steel, food-grade material to ensure the quality of the finished starch.

2.Considering that the starch production process is generally continuous for 24 hours, if the hydrocyclone adopts a mirrored stainless steel design, it will reflect light during night production, resulting in light pollution that is not conducive to the operation in the workshop. We use matte stainless steel, which is beautiful and generous, resistant to oil and dirt.

3.It is widely used in large and medium-sized starch production enterprises, and can be used for the concentration and separation of various potato starches;

4.The complete set of cyclone unit integrates multiple functions of concentration, recovery and refining, with simple process and stable product quality;

5.Using different hydrocyclone tube designs for different material characteristics is more conducive to the separation of starch;

6.The pipeline direction of the cyclone group is optimized by computer, which is simple and reasonable, beautiful and generous, the spin separation effect is good;

7.The unique seal design of the cyclone makes the operation more convenient and faster.

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