Tapioca starch machine

Tapioca starch is mainly used as raw materials for food, sugar, medicine, word materials, textile, paper making, chemical industry and other industrial sectors. The tapioca starch machine used for processing tapioca starch can be divided into four categories: tapioca preprocessing machine, tapioca starch extraction machine, tapioca starch separation and refining machine as well as tapioca starch dehydrating and drying machine. They can be further divided into 9 elements, that is, cleaning machine, washing machine, grating machine, screening machine, sand removal machine, concentration and refining machine, dehydration machine, drying machine, and packing machine.

tapioca starch machineTapioca starch machine

1. Tapioca preprocessing machine

a. Cleaning machine: The widely used tapioca starch machine for cleaning is dry sieve which serves to remove sand, stone, weed and other debris of tapioca roots. The cleaning process is accompanied by transportation, which is low power consumption.

b. Washing machine: The washing machine is used to remove sand, soil, skin, reduce starch ash, and facilitate the work of the next process. When using this tapioca starch machine, we should also pay attention to the pressure of water, for the low water pressure can not remove sediment. Generally, the water pressure cannot be lower than 0.25mpa.

tapioca starch machineTapioca washing machine

2. Tapioca starch extraction machine

a. Cutting machine: The purpose of cutting is to ensure the normal operation of the grating machine. The second purpose is to improve starch yield and quality as well as the starch extraction rate. The tapioca starch machine for cutting features with simple structure and easy maintenance.

b. Grating machine: Tapioca grating machine is the most important tapioca starch machine for tapioca processing for it determine the starch yield. DOING rasper introduces Germany Optibelt and Sweden SKF bearing which is a advanced machine. It has the advantages of low energy consumption, high extraction rate and good quality of starch.

tapioca starch machineTapioca starch grating machine

3. Tapioca starch separation and refining machine

a. Screening machine: The tapioca starch machine for screening includes centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve. The centrifuge sieve serves to remove the fibers out of starch slurry while the fine fiber sieve is for removing fine fibers. The contact part of the two machine are both made of stainless steel which ensures high quality of starch. Besides, these two machine are equipped with automatic front and backing washing system which not only ensures the good screen penetration but also guarantee the high efficient operation of machine.

b. Sand removal machine: The desander serves to remove sand out of starch slurry to improve the taste of starch. This tapioca starch machine features with easy operation and low power consumption.

c. Concentration and refining machine: The widely used tapioca starch machine for concentration and refining is hydrocyclone station. It serves to remove the protein, cell sap and other non-starch residue in starch slurry which ensures the whiteness of starch. The whole hydrocyclone assembly integrates the function of concentration, recycling, washing and protein separation, with simple process and stable product quality.

tapioca starch machineTapioca starch dehydrating machine

4. Tapioca starch dehydrating and drying machine

a. Dehydration machine: The extensively used tapioca starch machine for dehydrating is peeler centrifuge which adopts continuous operation and intermittent discharging. The siphon type peeler centrifuge can effectively increase the production capacity by 50% and meanwhile decrease the moisture content to 36.5%.

b. Drying and packing machine: Generally, flash dryer is adopted for drying process. This tapioca starch machine can dry starch swiftly which completes the whole process in an instant. Therefore, the starch granules will not undergo gelatinization or degradation for the water in the granules has been dried before pasting due to short drying time. Then the starch is packed by automatic packing machine for storage.

This is the entire introduction of tapioca starch machine.Doing Company can provide you with complete set tapioca starch machine with advanced technology, excellent performance, high extraction rate, high efficient,and excellent automation control.

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