Cassava starch extraction machine

Cassava starch is the most basic and important processing product of cassava. Especially in recent years, with the advent of modified starch, cassava starch extraction machines are increasingly favored by consumers.

At the same time, starch production companies are also developing their investment in the construction of cassava starch extraction machine. However, investors' lack of awareness of cassava starch machine and equipment manufacturers' insufficient attention to technological improvement has hindered their global promotion and application to some extent. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct in-depth research and analysis of the current status of the world's cassava starch extraction machine and provide consumers with a guiding opinion.

cassava & cassava starchCassava & cassava starch

The main characteristics of the world cassava starch extraction machine industry are as follows:

(1) Scale of investment. State investment or multinational group investment is large, and the output of fresh cassava processed per hour is between 20 tons and 30 tons. Moreover, this large-scale project accounts for a large proportion of the total investment in the cassava starch extraction machine project.

(2) Technology concentration.

(3) Market regionalization. The worldwide market for cassava starch extraction machine is gradually divided into three regions: West Africa, Southeast Asia and Brazil. As world investors increase investment in the African market, West African countries have become an obvious investment hotspot.

In addition to the starch yield, water and power consumption are two important parameters that identify the processing efficiency of the cassava starch extraction machine.

First of all, DOING cassava starch extraction machine can effectively extract starch through complete multi-effect extraction (8 channels) for centrifugal separation and fine grinding; no high-speed operation equipment and fiber multi-effect extraction (with cyclone) The number of extraction stages is extracted and realized;; for the technical index, the centrifugal separation dehydrator. In contrast, centrifugal sieves rely mainly on high-speed equipment power. Secondly another major advantage is the minimal water consumption. Finally, from the comprehensive use of steam, water consumption, emissions, power, equipment price, floor space, labor required, etc., DOING cassava starch extraction machine has obvious advantages.

cassava starch processing machineCassava starch extraction machine

The extraction process of DOING cassava starch extraction machine:

First, a large number of high-quality cassava are concentrated and multi-stage cleaned to fully remove surface sediment.

Secondly, the washed cassava is crushed and filtered, and the professional cassava starch extraction machine is used to complete the smashing and sieving of the cassava raw materials, so that the starch slurry and the residue are separated, the filtration rate is improved, and the oxidative browning during the starch extraction process is avoided. It is all right with the subsequent production of white and delicate starch.

Once again, the pulverized and filtered starch needs to be subjected to sand removal and mud removal operation by cassava starch extraction machine. This link determines the taste of the finished starch and the quality of the starch. This process can completely remove fine foreign particles in the starch and guarantee the quality of the starch.

cassava starch processing machineCassava starch separating machine

From time to time, the starch concentration and refining process is performed, and the automated cassava starch extraction machine replaces the traditional precipitation process to improve processing efficiency and starch quality.

Finally, the refined starch slurry is dehydrated and dried. Dehydration of the starch slurry can effectively improve the purity of the starch. After dehydration, the starch is easy to be dried to assure the quality of the finished product.

Cassava starch extraction machine production has the characteristics of energy-saving, no additives, health and environmental protection, saving manpower and improving efficiency. The development and manufacture of cassava starch extraction machine are a perfect upgrade and comprehensive overtaking of the traditional manual milling process.

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