Tapioca starch processing machinery

In the processing of tapioca starch it is vital to complete the whole process within the shortest time possible, since as soon as the roots have been dug up, as well as during each of the subsequent stages of manufacture, enzymatic processes are apt to develop with a deteriorating effect on the quality of the end product. The used tapioca starch processing machinery includes cassava cleaning machinery, washing machinery, cutting machinery, grinding machinery, slurry and residue separating machinery, desanding machinery, concentration and refining machinery, dehydrating machinery, starch drying and packing machinery

tapioca starch processing machineryTapioca starch processing machinery

Then it is the detail introduction of tapioca starch processing machinery

1.Cleaning machinery: Dry sieve is the widely used cassava cleaning machine which is mainly used to remove cassava, leather, sand and other debris. The inner spiral of this tapioca starch processing machinery propels the roots forward to achieve the transportation function while they are subjected to vigorous rotation in order to remove all dirt. This machine works smoothly and causes no damage to the raw material.

2.Washing machinery: Paddle washing machine is the extensively used tapioca starch processing machinery which washes away the sediment by water. The rotating paddles are fitted along the axis. Washing is done by the action of countercurrent washing, assisted by the abrasion of the roots both against one another and against the sides of the cylinder or the paddles.

3.Cutting machinery: Cutting machine is a mainly used tapioca starch processing machinery for cutting cassava into small pieces. The purpose of cutting is to ensure the normal operation of the grinding machine and meanwhile to improve starch yield and quality.

tapioca starch processing machineryTapioca cutting and grinding machinery

4. Grinding machinery: Rasper is a widely used tapioca starch processing machinery whose main function is to grind cassava roots and release free starch. When rasper working, cell walls are torn up and the whole of the root is turned into a mass in which the greater part but not all of the starch granules is released. The percentage of starch set free is called the rasping effect. DOING rasper breaking rate is more than 94%.

5. Separation machinery: Centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve are the main tapioca starch processing machinery used for separation of slurry and residue. Fibers are coarsely removed by centrifuge sieve with the high speed centrifugal force and then be further removed by fine fiber sieve. The rotation screen has the advantage of preventing the plugging of the meshes of the sieve with gummy materials (they tend to agglutinate with the fiber as the screen rotates).

tapioca starch processing machineryTapioca starch refining machinery

6.Desanding machinery: The coarse slurry contains sand, which must be removed by a desander. This tapioca starch processing machinery is used to achieve the purpose of sand removal by the principle of specific gravity separation. The primary sand removal can remove 95% of the sand. The secondary sand removal basically removes the sand, and the working pressure of the desander should be 0.2-0.3mpa.

7.Concentration and refining machinery: Hydrocyclone station is the tapioca starch processing machinery used for separating insoluble protein and residual soluble protein and other impurities from the starch. The full cyclone technology includes the concentration, refining and recovering of cassava starch. This is an important process for improving the whiteness of tapioca starch.

tapioca starch processing machineryTapioca starch dehydrating machinery

8. Dehydrating machinery: Peeler centrifuge is the extensively used tapioca starch processing machinery for starch dehydrating process. The siphon peeler centrifuge is a high efficient machinery which can increase production capacity by 50% and can decrease moisture content to 36.5%.

9. Starch drying and packing machinery: Flash dryer is the tapioca starch processing machinery used for drying. The negative pressure in the whole system can effectively control the loss of starch and meanwhile purifies the working environment. Then the collected starch is packed by semi-automatic packing machine into 25kg or 50kg.

This is the complete introduction of tapioca starch processing machinery. Doing Company is a professional starch processing machine manufacturer, our tapioca starch processing machinery features with high efficiency, continuous operation, low energy consumption, high extraction rate and good quality of starch.

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