How to start a cassava processing company ? Cassava processing plant design consideration

Cassava is mainly used for processing into starch, flour, garri and etc., among them cassava starch is the most promising due to its wide application. However, the scale and level of cassava processing equipment are uneven. According to the processing scale, it can be divided into three categories: small simple workshops, small scale cassava processing company and large and medium-sized cassava processing plant.

cassava processingCassava

For small workshops and small scale cassava processing plant, the starch extraction rate is relatively low, generally not more than 80%, and the quality of starch products is low and unstable. In contrast, fully mechanized closed-type large and medium-sized cassava starch processing plant produce starch with a high extraction rate, generally more than 85%, and the product quality is good and stable, so this medium and large scale and automated cassava starch processing plant will be the main direction of future development.

How to start a cassava processing company? From the site selection, plant design, project design, to process technology solutions, professional cassava processing plant design can achieve better functions and and make more rational use of land resources.

So, what are the key points of how to start a cassava processing company?

cassava processing plantCassava starch processing plant

Part 1: Site selection considerations

First of all, the selection of the site for how to start a cassava processing company should meet the requirements of the overall planning of the region. It is required that the site should have good engineering geological conditions, and maintain a certain distance from urban planning residential areas and public facilities.

Secondly, cassava processing plant site selection should take into account the possibility of prospective development, whether it has the possibility and space for expansion. Meanwhile, whether there are convenient transportation and hydropower conditions, in line with local environmental regulations.

Furthermore, site selection should follow the principle of land conservation. A far as possible not to occupy or reduce the occupation of farmland and land with high economic benefits. In addition, land use should be in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the State on land management and environmental protection.

cassava processing plantCassava processing plant site selection

Part 2: Plant design considerations

After the site selection is determined, the next consideration for how to start a cassava processing company is the cassava processing plant design. The following points need to be noted:

(1) According to local conditions and the size of different customers' processing scale, determine the size of the plant and the direction of the room.

(2) Consider the basic functions of the cassava processing plant. Fully comply with the requirements of food production licenses to improve various functions, such as buffering room, changing room, cleaning room, processing workshops, packaging workshops and finished products warehouse. At the same time, according to the location, space and economy, aesthetics and practicability, rational design flow channel and logistics channel.

(3) Fully consider the convenience of the production process. This is the key of how to start a cassava processing company. Arrange the production line according to various factors, such as the sequence production process, floor area, logistics sequence, and the convenience of water and electricity consumption for production.

(4) Consider the aesthetics of the cassava processing plant design. While meeting the daily production requirements and processing requirements, it is necessary to pay attention to the aesthetics and atmospheric side of the equipment. It is both practical and aesthetic, and enhances the overall visual effect of the equipment.

(5) Consider the convenience of various logistics and transportation. Mainly considering: raw material stacking, finished product storage, and emissions of steam, water, electricity and waste in cassava processing plant.


cassava processing plantCassava processing plant design

Part 3: Design process details

The details considerations of how to start a cassava processing company:

(1) The roads in the cassava processing plant area should be unobstructed to facilitate the passage of motor vehicles, the reaching of fire vehicles to various workshops. Maintain a certain distance between the workshops, the workshop and the outer road, set a green belt in the middle of the plant.

The floor of the production workshop should be paved with non-seepage, non-absorbent, non-toxic, non-slip materials, flat without cracks, and should have appropriate slope. Floor drain should be set at the lowest point on the ground to prevent ground water.

The roof or ceiling of the cassava processing plant should be coated with a non-absorbent, smooth surface, corrosion-resistant, temperature-resistant, light-colored material or decorated with appropriate slope.

The walls of the cassava processing plant shall be covered with light, non-absorbent, non-permeable, non-toxic materials, and be decorated with white tiles or other anti-corrosive materials to a wall skirt of not less than 1.50 meters. The surface of the wall should be even and smooth, and the interface between the four walls and the ground should be curved to prevent dirt from accumulating.

(2) Doors and windows should be tightly and not deformed. The window sill should be set at more than 1 meter above the ground, and the inside should be inclined. The doors and windows should have anti-mosquito and dust-proof facilities. The passage should be wide and convenient for transportation and sanitation protection.

Hand washing facilities should be set at the entrance of the cassava processing plant and the appropriate place in the workshop. It should also include dry hand equipment. Working boots disinfection tank shall be provided at the entrance of the production workshop.

(3) Water supply: The water used in this project is mainly raw cassava washing water, starch refining washing water, equipment maintenance water, boiler and domestic water. The water recycling equipment can be used to make full use of water resources, which can effectively save water and satisfy the daily production and living water in the plant.

Power supply: This project requires the purchase of transformers and supporting facilities to ensure the use of electricity load, which can meet the needs of the project production and living.

cassava processing plantCassava processing plant construction

Part 4: Principles to be followed for cassava processing plant design

The process technology plan is important considerations of how to start a cassava processing company and should follow the following principles:

(1) Advanced and forward-looking principles: Mainly reflected in product quality, technological level, automation degree of equipment and stable operation of equipment.

(2) Applicability principle: It is mainly reflected in matching with the production scale and adapting to the basic data to meet the production needs of customers.

(3) Reliability principle: Mature production process can produce ideal products and achieve project goals.

(4) Principle of economic practicability: Select a technical solution with reasonable process flow, compact and reasonable process, low investment cost and suitable for its own needs.

cassava processing plantCassava processing plant

As one of the industrial raw materials, cassava starch is widely used in food, sugar, pharmaceutical, textile, paper, chemical, light industry and other industries. Currently, there are about 90 countries in the world that grow cassava. In the world, cassava production is 65% directly for food, 20% for feed, and 15% for starch and industrial use. China, Japan, the United States and other countries are the world's major importers of cassava products, accounting for 70-80% of their total trade. The development prospect of tapioca starch is broad.

Above all are the main considerations for how to start a cassava processing company. In recent years, with the rapid development of cassava deep processing, more and more people are involved in this field. The design requirements for the cassava processing plant design environment and starch equipment workshop of related enterprises are more automated, normalization and standardized. At the beginning of construction, it is necessary to comprehensively examine in many aspects to establish a modern cassava starch processing equipment manufacturing workshop.

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