How to set up cassava processing plant ?

Regarding the question of how to set up cassava processing plant, what are the specific implementation operations and preliminary preparations. In addition to cassava processing machine and investment capital, what else need to be known? The following is the professional summary of Doing Company.

To know how to set up cassava processing plant, we first need to determine the cassava processing products. Cassava can be processed into cassava starch, cassava flour, garri and ect.. The cassava processing plant used for different processing products is different in size, and the cost for setting up cassava processing plant is different. This article takes cassava starch as an example to analyze how to set up cassava processing plant.

cassava processing plantCassava processing plant

Firstly. Land requirement

Land is a necessary condition for how to set up cassava processing plant. It is used to build factories, including operation channels, equipment occupation, operation consoles, corresponding warehouses and stacking sites, as well as office space, accommodation, toilets, etc.

Land for cassava processing plant selection basis:

a. The cassava processing plant should be a place close to the cassava planting area with convenient transportation, which not only reduces the transportation cost but also ensures the freshness of the raw materials.

b. Place for how to set up cassava processing plant should have stable water source, preferably with a deep water well or close to river water, with convenient drainage and no pollution around.

c. Choose a place with a stable power supply, ensure sufficient and reliability of the power supply.

cassava processing plantCassava processing plant

The interior of cassava processing plant will be divided into two parts:

(a) Wet area

A wet area is necessary for how to set up cassava processing plant. It used for accommodates all the necessary machines for cassava processing. Cheap ceramic or rubber floor tiles can be used for smooth and easy cleaning.

At the same time, the wet area should be kept clean and have the correct type of drainage. Because if the humid environment is easy to breed bacteria, which is not only adverse to cassava processing, and is not conducive to the health of the workers.

(b) Dry area

For how to set up cassava processing plant, the dry area usually consists of two parts, one for the cassava packaging part, and the other for the storage of processed cassava products.

The cassava processing plant will consist of two doors. One is stored internally and the other is used to load the finished product into the truck. Our engineers have installed many projects at home and abroad and can arrange the layout according to your site.

Cassava processing plantCassava processing plant

Second, cassava processing equipment requirement

1. Cassava starch production process includes

Cassava transportation - cleaning - washing- grating - slurry and slag separation - concentration and refining - dewatering - drying - sieving and packing

The main equipments used for how to set up cassava processing plant are: cleaning equipment (conveyor, paddle washing machine, stone removing machine, screw conveyor, etc.); processing equipment (rasper, centrifugal sieve, fine fiber sieve, desander, hydrocyclone station, transfer tank, peeler centrifuge etc.); drying equipment (airflow flash dryer, starch sieving machine, automatic packaging machine, etc.); and automatic control system.

cassava processing plantCassava processing machine

Third, funds requirement

Funds is the necessary preliminary preparations for how to set up cassava processing plant, including civil construction, power supply, water supply and other investment funds, equipment purchase funds and cassava processing plant operating funds.

Fourth, manpower requirement

The number of production workers is determined according to the processing capacity of cassava processing plant.

The above is the points of how to set up cassava processing plant. Doing Company not only supplies cassava processing equipment of different specifications, but also has professional installation engineers. DOING engineer are available for on-site planning workshops, responsible for installation, commissioning, and training of technical operators. Any questions about the how to set up cassava processing plant, please consult our engineer.

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