Technical requirements for the use of cassava starch equipment

Cassava starch is a starch made by crushing and drying cassava, which is one of the main products of deep processing of cassava. Through the modern cassava starch equipment, high-quality cassava starch can be produced, which can be widely used in food, chemical, papermaking, textile and other fields. Cassava starch equipment is used by more and more starch manufacturers because of its high efficiency and high quality. However, for many cassava starch processing plant, they do not have professional technicians. Therefore, the technical requirements for the operation of cassava starch equipment are their main concern.

cassava starch equipmentCassava starch equipment

So what are the technical requirements when using cassava starch equipment ?

Before installing the cassava starch equipment, check whether the basic dimensions of each installation meet the requirements of the drawings according to the equipment plan and foundation map. If there is any discrepancy, it should be repaired until the dimensions are correct before installation. The installer should be familiar with the installation requirements of each equipment and strictly follow the technical requirements. The cassava starch equipment and its parts may cause damage or loss during transportation. Therefore, before installation, check the equipment list, and take corresponding measures to make the equipment in good condition and then install. As a manufacturer of cassava starch equipment, Doing Company, in addition to manufacturing equipment, also provides equipment delivery, installation and other issues to solve your worries.

cassava starch equipmentDOING engineers guide cassava starch equipment installation

Carefully check and maintain the motor of the cassava starch equipment. Disassemble and maintain the motor, clean and replace the motor bearing of the equipment, replace the insulation, and improve the cooling system to ensure that the motor is running in good condition. It is necessary to ensure the quality of maintenance. When repairing the motor of the cassava starch equipment, it is necessary to ensure that various parameters meet the technical requirements of the original machine, strictly control the quality of the replaced parts and the enameled wire, and correctly operate the various processes to prevent various hidden dangers caused by human beings. Improve the quality of the motor after repair to ensure that the control system can run in good condition. Regarding equipment maintenance, DOING offers one year of equipment warranty service. If there is any problem within one year, we will send an engineer to solve it for you. Even after a year, you can contact us and we will provide you with a solution.

cassava starch equipmentDOING engineers train operators

The main cassava starch equipment operators needs to be trained by professional personnel, so that the operators can operate the complete sets of equipment according to the correct method, and reduce the equipment failure. This can effectively reduce the maintenance time of cassava starch equipment, reduce maintenance costs, and effectively improve the economic benefits of equipment. The loss of cassava starch equipment in use is divided into physical wear and intangible loss. Therefore, enterprises should take corresponding measures to avoid the various losses in the production of cassava starch equipment to better achieve the production performance of the equipment. DOING as professional cassava processing machine manufacturer, we will send engineers for customers to guide the operators until they learn the skill of operating all the equipment.

cassava starch equipmentDOING engineers

The process effect of cassava starch equipment has a close relationship with the quality, output, cassava breakage rate and power consumption of the product. Therefore, customers are advised to choose high quality equipment as far as possible. In addition, the design and manufacture process of cassava starch equipment has strong requirements for safety and hygiene. Therefore, when designing, it is necessary to reach the mechanical structure requirements from the structural and material aspects. For example, the part of the cassava starch equipment that contacts the cassava pulp must be made of stainless steel to prevent contamination during the processing of the cassava and improve the quality of the cassava starch. Therefore, in order to improve the economic efficiency of equipment, we must not only choose the appropriate cassava starch equipment, but also regularly maintain the cleaning equipment. DOING has decades years of experience with cassava processing equipment designing, manufacturing and installation, if you have more concern about the technical requirements for the use of cassava starch equipment, please feel free to consult DOING engineers.

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