Two different types of starch dewatering machine for starch processing

In the process of starch processing, dehydration is one of the more important sections. The main equipment used is starch dewatering machine. The machine is mainly used for the dehydration of starch pulp after starch purification of various raw material (sweet potato, potato, cassava, etc.), and also for the dehydration of corn starch and wheat starch. It is also widely used in solid-liquid continuous dehydration separation in medicine, food, chemical and other industries. After the refining, the water content of the starch pulp is too high, and it cannot be directly dried, and dehydration treatment is therefore required. The dehydrated starch is easy to dry, ensuring the quality of the finished product of the starch.

starch dewatering machineStarch dewatering

There are many starches commonly found on the market today: sweet potato starch, potato starch, cassava starch, pueraria starch, corn starch, wheat starch and the like. Because of the internal matter and starch content of different root crops, and starch granules size are not the same, so different types of starch dewatering machine are used in starch production. In order to increase the starch extraction rate, when processing starch, it is necessary to configure different specifications and types of starch dewatering machine according to the characteristics of different raw materials, customize the equipment as needed and then carry out actual production. Only in this way can we take advantage of mechanized processing and ensure the quality of starch.

Here are two types of commonly used starch dewatering machine for starch production

1. Vacuum dewatering machine (widely used in potato, sweet potato starch processing)

starch dewatering machineVacuum dewatering machine

The vacuum dewatering machine is mainly composed of a hollow rotating drum, a stirring device, a transmission device and a vacuum pump. This starch dewatering machine adopts the principle of vacuum negative pressure adsorption. When working, the rotating drum is driven by the speed regulating motor. The wet starch is adsorbed on the filter cloth of the rotating drum. When a certain thickness is reached, the fixed scraper scrapes off the solid matter, and the filtrate enters the steam and water separation in order to achieve the purpose of separation of starch, water and gas. It is suitable for filtration equipment with small particle size, difficult to precipitate, specific general particle size, filter material thickness up to 3mm, and continuous suction filtration dehydration under vacuum.

This starch dewatering machine can effectively improve the netness of the starch, and the dehydrated starch is easy to be dried to ensure the quality of the finished starch. The contact parts of the drum and the material of the machine are made of stainless steel, the surface is smooth, resistant to corrosion, non-polluting, and does not damage the dehydrated items. Moreover, this starch dewatering machine has the advantages of simple structure, small starting current, stable operation, firmness and durability, strong adaptability, rapid direct braking and high efficiency.

starch dewatering machineStarch dewatering machine

2. Peeler centrifuge (for cassava starch processing)

The peeler centrifuge is a commonly used starch dewatering machine for cassava processing. It is a machine that continuously feeds, dehydrates, washes, and unloads the suspension under full-speed operation. The operation process of the machine is controlled by the programmable control PLC, from feeding to dehydration, and the whole process is automatically operated. It has the characteristics of short single cycle time, large production capacity, high dehydration rate, good washing effect and high separation efficiency.

When this starch dewatering machine is running, the power is first turned on, the main engine starts and automatically speeds up. When the predetermined value is reached, the feed valve opens, and the starch pulp continuously enters along the feeding pipe. Under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid phase of pulp is taken out through the filter and the hole in the wall of the drum, and is discharged out of the machine through the filtrate outlet, while the solid phase is intercepted on the filter screen to form a thin filter residue layer.

starch dewatering machinePeeler centrifuge

The main feature of this starch dewatering machine:

1. The starch dewatering machine is controlled by frequency converter, the separation factor is adjustable, medium speed feeding, high speed separation and low speed unloading.

2. High degree of automation, monitoring of the whole process of feeding, washing, dewatering, unloading, etc., no need manual operation, convenient use and maintenance.

3. The casing of starch dewatering machine is welded structure, compact structure, light weight and high strength.

4. The inner and outer surfaces are polished, no dead angles, with online washing to achieve the best washing results.

5. This machine has the characteristics of large capacity, high efficiency, strong adaptability, quick discharge, clean environment, compact structure and high safety.

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