Automation control system for potato starch production process

First, the potato starch processing plant that adopts automation technology for potato starch production process (process 30 tons of potato raw materials per hour), its main production performance indicators are as follows:

1. The total yield of starch is ≥92%, and the quality of starch is 80% up to the national excellent standard;

2. The amount of water consumed per ton of potato processed is ≤ 2 tons;

3. About 8-10 workers per shift, and greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers.

From these data, it can be seen that the use of automation control system has indeed brought considerable economic benefits to enterprises.

potato starch production processPotato starch production plant

Second, the function of the automation control system

Achievable control functions: using advanced industrial control software at home and abroad, according to the requirements of process control to achieve automatic control of the whole potato starch production process:

1. Automatic start and stop of the whole workshop:

According to the customer's requirements and different process requirements, the whole potato starch production process or part of process can be started or stopped according to the set program at the corresponding time interval and sequence. The single-button operation can start or stop the equipment in the whole workshop or full-section run to avoid the existence of human error;

2. Automatic processing of device anomalies:

When potato starch processing machine is abnormal, it is processed according to the set chain relationship, such as partial parking or all parking, and the corresponding process control point setting is changed, and the abnormal loss is reduced to the lowest point in time.

automation control system for potato starch production processAutomation control system

3. Control the start and stop of the equipment according to the artificially set chain relationship:

Correlate the corresponding equipment and automatically control the equipment and control points with one or more parameters, such as interlocking the tank level with the agitation and slurry pump, controlling the agitation of the slurry and the slurry pump according to the level of the tank. Automatically start and stop and potato starch production process.

4. Adjustment of process control points:

Through the simple setting of the potato starch production process control point values, the control process operates according to a predetermined scheme. It has the advantages of automatic, accurate and timely.

5. Automatic, manual conversion settings (SV):

In order to facilitate operation and accidental process, the automatic control program is equipped with manual and automatic control of equipment and control points, which can be freely selected in real-time control to achieve bumpless switching.

6. Automatic operation of CIP (in-place cleaning system):

In order to meet the process requirements, the CIP program in potato starch production process is different from the normal open parking in the automatic control program, thus ensuring the realization of all automatic control of the workshop.

automation control systemAutomation control system

China's potato starch modern processing technology started late and is relatively small. In the initial potato processing, 80% of the starch enterprises process 5-15 tons of potato raw materials per hour, and they all rely on manual experience to produce. This causes starch processing to be affected by human factors, resulting in instability in production and starch quality.

With the development of mechanical equipment, some starch plants began to use simple semi-automatic equipment to process potato starch, but the starch quality of these starch plants is below the national standard, the yield of starch is between 85% and 90%, and the starch plant consumes 5-10 tons of water per ton of potato processed, causing serious water waste.

In recent years, fully automated control systems are increasingly used in domestic potato starch production lines, automatic control of the entire production line process, accurate production data collection, powerful control and management functions, stable and reliable system operation, good flexibility and simple system maintenance. DOING potato starch production line adopts fully control system for potato starch production process, consisting of MCC operation cabinet, OCC control cabinet and on-site LCB, and supporting CCTV monitoring system.

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