Tanzania client visit DOING cassava starch processing machinery

Customers from Tanzania came to Doing Company to visit our factory and purchase cassava starch processing machinery on June 19, 2017.The manager of foreign trade department of DOING accompanied the customer during the whole process, and led the client to visit the mechanical equipment manufacturing workshop, and carefully explained the machinery performance advantages.

This photo shows Tanzania client talks about cassava starch processing machinery with DOING engineer and sales manager

Tanzania client looks cassava starch processing machinery


At first, the customer came to our office, and our sales manager talked to him about the advantages and performance of our cassava starch processing machinery in detail. During the discussion, the customer put forward many professional questions about the detail of the machinery, and our engineer explained all his questions in detail with professional knowledge. In order to let the customer have a better and direct understanding to our cassava starch processing machinery, our manager took the customer to visit our factory in Jiaozuo,Henan,China.During the visit, the customers was confirmed by our engineer's professional knowledge and the high quality of our machinery. All in all, he is satisfied with our service and cassava starch processing machinery, he is willing to build long-term cooperation relationship with us in the furture.

cassava starch processing machinery plantDOING cassava starch processing machinery manufacturer

Henan Doing Company is a professional cassava starch processing machinery manufacturer, our cassava starch machine has the features of high degree of automation, low energy consumption, water and electricity saving, stable comprehensive performance as well as easy operation and maintenance.Welcome to contact us anf visit our factory.

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