What’s the potato starch production process?

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Generally speaking, the potato starch production process mainly includes the following seven steps: cleaning, washing, crushing, separating, refining, dehydrating and drying. No matter you choose to use automatic processing way or the manual way, the production process is the same. In contrast, now the automatic way is more effective and can bring more economic benefit. So this passage will combine with the advanced potato starch processing machine of Henan Jinrui, to introduce the potato starch production process.

potato starch production processPotato starch production process

①Cleaning: to clean off the impurities attached on potato

In cleaning step, we may adopt dry sieve, which uses the friction between raw materials and equipment, to remove dirt, sand, weeds, small stones and other impurities on the surface of potato.

②Washing:to further wash the sand or mud off potato

We can adopt the rotary washing machine to makes potato washing completely and eliminate sand and mud. The rotary washing machine adopts the countercurrent washing principle, which can effectively wash off the sediment attached to potato.

rotary washing machineRotary washing machine

③Crushing: crush the potato into potato starch slurry

Crushing is one important step during the potato starch production process. The degree of raw material crushing affects the extraction rate of starch. Jinrui designed two-step crushing way to crush potato raw materials, that’s adopting cutting machine and rasper to crush potato into potato slurry. The crushing rate is as high as 94%, which greatly improve the rate of starch extraction.

④Separating: to separate the fiber and potato starch slurry

Centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve are often used to separate the fiber and potato starch slurry by centrifugal sedimentation. And this step is helpful to improve the taste of finished potato starch.

centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieveCentrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve

⑤Refining:to refine the starch milk

The refining step of potato starch production process mainly completed by hydrocyclone station. Impurities like the fine fiber, protein and cell fluid will be removed from the crude starch milk by centrifugal difference to achieve the purpose of improving purity.

⑥Dehydrating:to dehydrate the potato milk into wet potato starch

Potato starch dehydrating stage will generally use vacuum filter. The pressure difference in the vacuum filter will make potato starch adsorbed on the filter cloth, and the excess water will flow through the filter cloth along the vacuum pipeline to the gas-water separation tank, so as to get wet starch.

vacuum filterVacuum filter

⑦Drying:to dry the wet potato starch instantly

The potato starch drying machine used in this stage is flash dryer. The flash dryer adopts the negative pressure system, which can not only dry the potato starch instantly but also controls the loss of potato starch.

flash dryerFlash dryer

The whole potato starch production process designed by Henan Jinrui has the advantages of stable operation, high production efficiency, high starch extraction rate and high automation degree. If you have interests, welcome to consult us to get the free quotation about the cost-effective potato starch processing machine!

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