The difference between dry and wet method for potato starch extraction

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Potato starch extraction business is highly appealing to many individuals due to its versatile applications in the food, textile, and beverage industries. For newcomers to the industry, it is essential to familiarize themselves with the extraction methods and machinery involved. In the market, there are two primary methods of potato starch extraction: the dry method and wet method. This article focuses on outlining the difference between these two extraction methods, aiming to provide insight for prospective investors in the potato starch business.

When it comes to deriving potato starch, two predominant methods are commonly employed: the dry method and the wet method. Although both techniques encompass similar procedural steps such as washing, grating, fiber separation, desanding, protein extraction, moisture elimination, drying, and sieving, the primary point of departure between the two lies in the washing phase.

potato starch extractionPotato starch extraction

In the dry method of potato starch extraction, the process commences with the initiation of a forklift, which is instrumental in transferring potato tubers into a feeding hopper. Subsequently, the potatoes are conveyed through a belt conveyor for optimal distribution before undergoing a thorough cleansing process facilitated by a dry sieve and a rotary washing machine. This methodology is favored by many due to its water-saving attributes and its diminished reliance on specific terrain prerequisites.

3D video of potato starch extraction

Conversely, the wet method of potato starch extraction entails a distinct approach, characterized by the utilization of a high-pressure water gun for the purpose of washing the potato tubers. Following this initial washing, the potatoes are transported to a shaker via a downspout, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning process. Compared with the dry method, the wet method can yield a more meticulous cleaning outcome, more suitable for a large scale potato starch production, such as over 35tph capacity. While it is imperative to note that the wet method demands the higher volume of water, which will increase the water consumption cost. Furthermore, the wet method may necessitate specific terrain conditions, prompting engineers to devise tailored feeding mechanisms suited to the local landscape. During this phase, the land construction cost of washing pond should be carefully taken into consideration.

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