How to make cassava chips out of cassava?

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Compared with fresh cassava, dried cassava chips are more suitable for storage and transportation. But exactly how to make cassava chips?

For ordinary farmers, processing cassava chips only requires washing, peeling, and cutting the cassava into slices with a knife. But cassava tubers are large and relatively hard, making this approach too inefficient for cassava processing plants. This can be solved by using a cassava chips machine.

chipper machineLarge cassava chips making line

First is the cleaning section, the main role of the cleaning section is to remove the cassava attached to the soil, as well as some of the weeds and so on in the picking process. Through the dry sieve, sieve off most of the weeds stones, and so on. Next into the paddle washing machine, through the mixing and water flow to remove the sediment.

Then, a peeler can be added as needed to remove the skin after cleaning. But this step can be omitted, it is mainly based on the customer's specific needs for a separate configuration of the goods.

Next, it will into the cassava chips machine to make cassava slices. There are roller-type and disk-type cassava chip machines, and the slice thickness can be adjusted according to requirements. Small farmers or small processing workshops mainly with small disc-type cassava chips machines, large sun farms or processing plants generally with large drum-type cassava chips machine or large disc-type cassava chips machine.

cassava slicer machineSmall vs Large cassava chips machine

The large cassava chips machine is mainly composed of the main machine, coupling, electric motor, and diesel engine. The main machine consists of a knife head, upper and lower shells, a feeding hopper, and so on. The knife head is used to cut the material and the thickness of the final sliced material can be adjusted by setting the distance between the knives. Generally speaking, the thickness of the sliced material produced by the slicer is between 10 and 20 millimeters. Of course, if you have special needs, it can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

Large cassava chips machine has three major advantages. First, with large production capacity and high efficiency, processing capacity ranges from 1 ton/hour to 8 tons/hour, which solves the problem of low efficiency of manual production. Second, only occupy small land, lightweight and convenient movement. Suitable for small farmers, home use, or cassava plant processing.Third, high production efficiency, low material crushing rate, simple operation, and easy maintenance.

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