What is the price of starch processing equipment?

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What is the price of starch processing equipment? Before answering your question, I need to understand your actual situation. The first is your processing capacity, the second is your requirements for the degree of automation, and the third is your requirements for the material of your equipment. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a clear answer yet. Henan Jinrui will analyze the price of different machines.

The first is the processing capacity of starch processing equipment.

Small processing capacity starch processing equipment can process less than 5 tons of starch per hour, while large processing capacity starch processing equipment can process more than 10 tons of starch per hour. Because the small processing capacity equipment and the large processing capacity equipment are not only the superposition of output design, but also other technical adjustments, the larger the processing capacity, the price of starch equipment are more expensive.

cassava starch processing plantThe starch processing equipment of large processing capacity

The second is the degree of automation of starch processing equipment.

Semi-automated starch processing equipment requires the participation of manpower, so the starch processing speed is affected by many factors. While the fully automated starch processing equipment can complete the entire starch processing process within 15 minutes through computer-controlled machines. Under the same processing capacity, the processing speed of fully automated equipment is faster than semi-automated equipment, so the price of fully automated equipment is higher than semi-automated equipment.

The third the material of starch processing equipment.

Carbon steel materials are low in price but not resistant to corrosion. Stainless steel materials will not be corroded but are expensive. Henan Jinrui designed starch processing equipment made of stainless steel mixed with carbon steel according to user needs. The parts of this equipment that are in contact with starch are all made of stainless steel, and the other parts can be made of carbon steel. This design not only extends the service life of the equipment but also reduces the price of the equipment. If customers have requirements, we can also provide you with all stainless steel starch processing equipment. Because all stainless steel equipment is more beautiful and clean, and has longer service life, but the price is higher.

starch processing machineStainless steel starch processing equipment of Henan Jinrui

In short, the price of starch processing equipment depends on your actual situation and requirements. Please tell Henan Jinrui your actual situation and requirements, we will give you a reasonable quotation.

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