How to dehydrate cassava starch in cassava starch production?

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In the cassava starch production, improper ways of cassava starch dehydration will cause a large amount of cassava starch loss. Therefore, it is better to use professional cassava starch dewatering machine to dehydrate cassava starch. Because the professional cassava starch dewatering machine can avoid the loss of cassava starch, make the water content of the cassava starch stable and the dehydration speed is fast. The peeler centrifuge designed by Henan Jinrui can achieve all mentioned above for you.

cassava starch dehydrator

The peeler centrifuge, also known as the automatic siphon centrifuge, is a solid-liquid separation device with continuous operation and intermittent discharge. It is widely used in the medium and large cassava starch production. The peeler centrifuge can dehydrate cassava starch to a moisture content of 36.5%.

cassava starch dehydrator

During the working process of the peeler centrifuge, the rotating drum runs at full speed to generate centrifugal force. Under the action of centrifugal force, the separated suspension in the rotating drum is discharged out of the rotating drum through the filter medium and the small holes on the rotating drum, and the cassava starch is trapped on the filter medium and forms cassava starch layer. When the cassava starch layer reaches a certain thickness, the feed valve is automatically closed, and the rotating drum starts to wash the cassava starch and then spin it to dry. Finally, the cassava starch layer is discharged by the rotating peeler.

Technical parameters of peeler centrifuge:

Model GK-800N GK(H)-1250(EW) GK(H)-1600N
Maximum load (kg) 150 450 996
Maximum load (L) 100 355 830
Material Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Dimension (mm) 2030×1960×1530 2870×2470×1955 4050×2745×2295
Power (kw) 45 90 132

The peeler centrifuge adopts PLC control system. It has independent electrical control box and hydraulic station, so the operation is stable and reliable. Because it can realize remote control of feeding, separation, washing, unloading and net washing processes, the dehydration speed is fast and manpower is saved. If you want to dehydrate cassava starch more efficiency, please contact us for more details.

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