How to choose cassava crushing machine in cassava starch production process?

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Doing Holdings - Henan Jinrui, as a professional supplier of cassava starch processing machines, generally matches four types of cassava crushing machine for the user's cassava starch production process. They are cassava cutting machine, rasper, cassava grating machine and hammer mill. Each cassava crushing machine has its own advantages and is suitable for different types of cassava starch production lines. You can choose according to your actual situation.

If you have sufficient budget, you can choose cassava cutting machine and rasper.

Cassava cutting machine and rasper are usually used together. Because the combination of these two cassava crushers not only promote the release of cassava starch to the greatest extent, but also improve the production efficiency of cassava starch. They are the necessary cassava crushing machines in the large automatic cassava starch production process. The main function of the cassava cutting machine is to pre-crush the cassava and cut it into pieces, so that rasper can thoroughly grind cassava. The cassava pieces pre-crushed by the cassava cutting machine are ground by rasper to fully release the internal starch granules and improve the starch yield.

cassava crushing machineThe cassava cutting machine and rasper is suitable for large automatic cassava starch production process

If your budget is limited, I suggest you choose cassava grating machine.

The cassava grating machine is designed by Henan Jinrui for medium and small cassava starch production process according to market demand. This cassava crushing machine is a kind of cassava starch processing equipment integrating crushing, filtering and separation. It can complete the three processes of coarse crushing, fine refining and automatic separation at one time. The cassava is crushed immediately after entering from the feed port. Then the separation device washes the crushed cassava while separating the cassava residue and cassava slurry.

cassava crushing machineCassava grating machine is suitable for medium and small scale cassava starch production process

If you are small workshop cassava starch production or mobile cassava starch production, you can choose hammer mill.

The structure of the hammer mill is similar to rasper, which uses high-speed rotating blades to crush cassava. But compared with rasper, hammer mill has small processing volume and slow processing speed. This cassava crushing machine has compact structure and good crushing effect, and saves space.

cassava crushing machineHammer mill is is suitable for small workshop and mobile cassava starch production process

Above are four cassava crushing machines of Henan Jinrui for users to choose. Each cassava crushing machine has a variety of specifications, you can choose according to your output. If you have other questions about cassava crushing machine, please contact us.

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